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New Plumbing Technologies Can Reduce Residential Energy Consumption and Save Homeowners Money
August 17 / 2015

New Plumbing Technologies Can Reduce Residential Energy Consumption and Save Homeowners Money

The cost of living continues to rise every day. From groceries to utility costs, it seems like hard working individuals can’t catch a break. If you’ve noticed your energy bills rising, you may want to take a look at the plumbing components in your home. Did you know that replacing your traditional water heater with an Energy Star certified tankless heater can save the average family of four close to $95 a year on their electric or gas bill? Okay, so maybe it’s not a windfall kind of savings. However, when you take into consideration that you’re spending less on water consumption because a 50 gallon or more tank isn’t continuously filling with water, the savings begin to add up.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re considering replacing a broken or outdated water heater, take a moment to consider the benefits of this innovative, plumbing technology. Continuous supply of hot water:  Do you have a large household? How many times have you been the last one to hop in the shower only to be greeted with an icy stream of water in a matter of seconds? Tankless water heaters heat continuously, so the lack of hot water isn’t an issue. Space-saving benefits: If you have a small home that lacks storage space for a regular water heater, a tankless heater is a perfect solution. This appliance doesn’t require a lot of floor space and can even attach to a wall inside or outside of the home. Longer life span: Who wants to think about replacing their water heater every 7-10 years? Due to their design and the way they heat and dispense hot water, tankless heaters experience less wear and tear. The average tankless heater can last as long as 20 years with any problems. If you’re ready to consider a tankless water heater, but don’t know where to begin shopping for one, give a Rooter Hero Plumber a call. Our plumbing pros are more than happy to answer your questions, help you find a heater that is within your budget and get your new appliance professionally installed right away.