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Planning to Buy a New Home? Get a Drain Camera Inspection Now!
July 08 / 2019

Planning to Buy a New Home? Get a Drain Camera Inspection Now!

Buying your dream home is a great investment, so it’s recommended to inspect every element of your home to avoid any costly mistake in the future. But, the one important system that most of the buyers overlook is the drain camera inspection.

Why Drain Camera Inspection?

Clogs come in different sizes and shapes. Some are easy to deal with, while others require professional assistance. Some clogs demand the need for industrial-grade technology and professional expertise to locate them as they are so deep-seated. A drain camera inspection is performed to locate the clogs that are difficult to identify. These cameras are specially designed to identify clogs, leaks, and other plumbing issues that are deep within the pipes.

How Does It Help?

Drain camera inspection helps you to identify the obstructions and other issues inside your sewers, drains, and pipes. It also finds out whether the leakages in pipes are caused by tree roots, corrosion, shifting soil, or collapses due to normal aging. It allows the experienced plumbers to locate the exact source of the problem and eliminates the need for digging the place around the plumbing system to identify the problem.

What Can the Camera Find?

The cameras used in the drain camera inspection are used to determine different conditions and drain issues including,

  • Cracks
  • Sludge buildup
  • Sagging pipes
  • Bad connections
  • Tree roots
  • The flow of drainage
  • Lost items like jewelry that has accidentally been washed down a drain and more

Benefits of Drain Camera Inspection

  • Remote areas inspection
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • No digging
  • Issues can be identified without large-scale explorations
  • Inspection Records
  • Pipes of all sizes can be examined

If you are looking for drain camera inspection service, Rooter Hero Plumbing can help you! We take pride in providing honest and reliable service that you can always count on. Make the call to Rooter Hero Plumbing today to know more.