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Nov 05 2015

Rain Barrels Fight Drought and Save You Money

In parts of the country like the West Coast where drought is a frequent visitor, rain barrels can be a great way to conserve water and save money on your water bill. But, they also have other benefits that you may not be aware of. Here are some things you may want to consider if you purchase a rain barrel.

Rain Barrels Reduce Runoff

Although rain can be hard to come by in many parts of the country when it does rain it can come down hard and steady. When this happens, runoff collects contaminants from landscaping and hardscapes. Runoff carries the water to area lakes, streams, rivers, and other nearby bodies of water inadvertently depositing the contaminants as it moves along. By adding a rain barrel to your home, you are doing your part in preventing runoff.

Rain Water Is Better for Your Garden

Water mandates in places like California have placed restrictions on how much water households can use, leaving many yards looking quite brown. Not only do rain barrels provide water to quench your landscape’s thirst, but it is also actually healthier for the soil than regular tap water. Water directly from the tap through the hose contains fluoride and inorganic compounds that can be harmful to soil and plants. Rainwater is pure and promotes healthy root development while reducing salt buildup.

Rain Barrels Keep more Money in Your Pocket

Investing in a rain barrel will save you money on your water bills if you use it correctly. A typical barrel can be purchased for under $100, depending on the style and size. It’s an affordable accessory for your home that is essentially a free water source. Here are some facts about water collection that you may not know.

  • Just a half an inch of rain can fill a 55-gallon rain barrel, depending on the rate of run off your roof experiences.
  • You can connect rain barrels together to increase the amount of rainwater collected, maximizing your water conservation efforts.
  • Homes that rely on rainwater for irrigation and gardening purposes reduce the strain on the city water supply

You can find rain barrels at home improvement stores, at specialty shops, and many online stores. They come in a variety of styles from practical to splashy and whimsical to complement your home’s aesthetics. For more information on how you can use and conserve water more efficiently, give a plumber a call today to discuss your options.

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