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Jul 28 2022

Reasons Why Sewer Line Replacements So Expensive

The sewer line connects your building’s plumbing to the sewer main which leads to the city’s or municipality’s waste and wastewater treatment facility. As quite probably the most important plumbing component on your property, the sewer line is also the most expensive to replace. But why is the sewer line replacement so costly? If you are experiencing sticker shock, then continue reading to learn what goes into determining the cost of a sewer line replacement. Rooter Hero Plumbing is a leading provider of trenchless sewer repair and replacement services, and our plumbers are some of the most experienced with regular training and sophisticated tools and technology. Call now to consult with a friendly representative and get your free price estimate upfront.

Why Sewer Line Replacements Cost So Much

The average sewer line replacement can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars and $25,000. In short, the reason for this price is because a sewer line replacement requires a lot of manpower, expensive equipment, and landscape restoration. Let’s dive in.

First and foremost, a sewer line replacement will likely involve excavating parts of the property. This plumbing service can also involve removing drywall and flooring to reach the sewer line. Sewer lines are located anywhere between a foot and five feet beneath the soil’s surface. Those placed at a relatively shallow depth can be accessed with some shoveling, but deeper sewer lines will require excavating equipment. You should also consider the cost of restoring your property to its original condition.

Excavating equipment can easily cost over $1,000 dollars a day to rent, but there’s more equipment and machinery involved. There is also the heavy-duty construction equipment required to transport and move the large and heavy sewer line pipes. The cost of renting and operating this equipment will be reflected in the final bill.

There are also the labor costs. A sewer line replacement is NOT a one-person job. It requires the cooperation of a team of plumbers, and experienced technicians must handle much of the work. The superior knowledge and expertise of these specialized workers comes at a steeper cost.

Finally, there are the miscellaneous costs such as the permit costs. The technicians or plumbing company will have to get authorization from local authorities before getting started on the work. This involves a lot of administrative work.

What If You Went Trenchless?

As you can imagine, the digging and excavating makes up a significant part of the overall cost of the sewer line replacement. What if you could skip the digging? Fortunately, there are minimally invasive techniques. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, for example, we employ trenchless sewer repair methods such as pipe lining and pipe bursting. These options can save time and reduce the cost of landscape restoration after the work is complete.

Call Rooter Hero Plumbing for a Consultation

If it is time for a sewer line replacement, then you probably have a lot of questions. Rooter Hero Plumbing is happy to help. Our friendly representatives are on standby to schedule a consultation. If you simply need a quick repair, then our dedicated plumbers are ready to help. Call now to speak with a live representative.

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