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Rooter Hero Plumbing Announces 24/7 Emergency Repair Services with No Additional Service Fee
August 17 / 2015

Rooter Hero Plumbing Announces 24/7 Emergency Repair Services with No Additional Service Fee

Emergencies happen. Just because there are things beyond your control that require immediate attention, this doesn’t mean you should be penalized. This is why Rooter Hero Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency repair services with no additional fee. So, regardless of the time of day or the time of night, you can count on getting a plumber at your door within 90 minutes of making the call for help. Offering fast, courteous emergency services at the same great rates 24/7, we’re able to get our customers plumbing and sewer systems working at full capacity quicker than any other plumbing service in town. We know your time is valuable. Why should you have to wait around for hours or days for service you need now?

The Dangers of Clogged Sewer Lines

If you have a clogged sewer line, it needs immediate attention. Clogged sewer lines can result in overflow or backflow of wastewater. As the backflow occurs, it can result in serious damage to your home. Often sewer backflow can cause thousands of dollars in damages and many times it is not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. Sewer lines also have methane, which is a gas. If a sewer line is blocked, the methane gas can fill the home. Methane can be a serious health risk and increase the risk of a fire. Any kind of clog in a sewer line can be a serious problem. When it comes to septic lines, you have to be proactive and call for help as soon as you notice a problem. If a drain starts emptying more slowly, or if you see water that continues to sit in commode for a while before it goes down, don’t put off calling for help.

Don’t Take the Risk – Take Advantage of Our Affordable Emergency Repair Services

When you have a plumbing emergency, don’t risk further damage by waiting to call a plumber. Also, don’t attempt to handle the problem yourself. Instead, call Rooter Hero Plumbing for a fast response and quick repairs. Because we understand the situation and have all of the tools and equipment all plumbing projects require, we can quickly assess the situation, provide you with a written estimate detailing how much it will cost to correct the problem, and get to work for you right away. Remember, licensed, bonded and insured professional plumbers are available in your neighborhood around the clock. Make the call and get the help you need today!