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Rooter Hero Pros Dispel Common Plumbing Myths
August 17 / 2015

Rooter Hero Pros Dispel Common Plumbing Myths

Throughout the years, there have been several things told about plumbing that are not true. While some of these so-called myths are harmless and even humorous, others could have an impact on getting things done the right way. Here at Rooter Hero Plumbing we have heard almost all of them, and we are here to set the record straight. Liquid drain cleaner can unclog any drain. Absolutely not! Liquid drain cleaners cannot dissolve solids. Plus they often forget to tell you the harsh chemicals in the mix could corrode your pipes and cause even worse problems on down the road. Water heaters explode. If your water heater is making a loud rumbling sound, it isn’t going to blow up. The sound you are hearing is from sediment collecting inside the tank. It is making your water heater less energy efficient, but it won’t explode. Water heater tanks should be drained and cleaned periodically. Don’t worry about a faucet that leaks. Many people think a leaky faucet is not a real problem, and it can wait to be fixed. In actuality, it is running up your utility bills, and it is wasting water. A leak that has not been given attention can wear out the faucet and cause pits or stains on plumbing fixtures. Get it fixed as soon as you can. Toilet bowl tablets with bleach clean the toilet. Using toilet bowl tablets that contain bleach that sit in the tank don’t keep the toilet clean, but they can destroy the toilet’s working parts within six months. You can use bleach in the toilet bowl, but don’t let it set more than 10 minutes before you flush it down. Lemon peels can make a garbage disposal smell better. While the lemon peels will make it smell lemony fresh, the peels can clog the drain and cause worse problems. It is recommended to pour in a little white vinegar to freshen up the disposal. These are just a few of the most common residential and commercial plumbing myths. There are dozens and dozens of plumbing misconceptions, but hopefully these will make you think twice before believing a so-called plumbing trick is effective. Always make sure you confirm with a licensed plumber that the actions you’re taking are indeed safe and beneficial for your home's plumbing system. Following faulty recommendations could be costing you a small fortune on unnecessary repairs.