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Aug 21 2015

How to Safely Unclog a Blocked Toilet

Is the toilet clogged again? Don’t worry. You can safely remove that clog and have your toilet working again in a matter of minutes. There are ways to clear clogged toilets fast to prevent a bathroom flood. More often than not unclogging a toilet is a quick fix that just requires you, a pair of rubber gloves, and a plunger.

Common Kinds of Toilet Clogs

If your toilet isn't flushing well, it is either completely or partially clogged. Total obstruction is obvious because the water will fill to the toilet brim during the flush, and it may overflow. For complete clogs, wait about 10 minutes for the water level to drop, and then use the plunger. The definition of a partial clog is a slow-draining toilet that doesn't wash out and remove the waste. If this is the situation, you're facing, don’t flush again. Get the plunger and start plunging to remove the clog. The best plunger to use for all kinds of clogs is one that has an extension flange. The extension flange fits into the toilet better so you can deliver more force during the plunge.

How to Plunge

Wear rubber gloves in case there is an overflow or a mess. Make sure the plunger is fitting over the toilet drain. Since the bell is initially full of air, make the first plunge gentle to prevent splashing water all over you. Once the air is out, maintain the seal while plunging in and out. The process forces water in both directions, loosening the majority of clogs. Don't give up if the plunger doesn't work immediately. It may take as many as 15 to 20 plunges to get the job done.

What to Do When Plunging Doesn't Work

If plunging didn’t take care of the job, you may have to use an auger, also called a plumbing snake. This tool is a coil that has a tip shaped like a corkscrew. Insert the tip into the drain and turn the snake clockwise. The tip removes the clog by pulling it out or cutting a hole through it.

If All Else Fails . . .

When all else fails, you need to call a plumber. If the plunging and the snake didn’t work, the toilet might have to be taken up, which means turning off the water, taking the toilet apart, and unscrewing it from the mount. If the blockage isn’t far away, the clog can be fixed relatively quickly. However, if other drains in your home are clogged, the blockage could be deep in the main drain pipe or septic system out of close range that may require a little more work on our part. For a thorough inspection, call Rooter Hero Plumbing today to get your toilets back in working order quicker and for less cash than other plumbing companies in town!

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