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Say ‘No’ to Liquid Drain Cleaners

October 15 / 2019

Clogged sink or drain is frustrating and affects your daily routine. Whenever there is a clogged drain, people tend to grab a bottle of liquid drain cleaner and pour it down the drain in an attempt to unclog drains. But, liquid drain cleaners to unclog your drain are not always the wisest option and can create damages to your plumbing. So, whenever there is a blockage, call a plumber for drain cleaning in Orange County. [caption id="attachment_312" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Rooter Hero - Orange County[/caption] Here are a few reasons why homeowners should not use liquid drain cleaners for drain cleaning.

Reasons to Ditch Liquid Drain Cleaner and Call Plumbers in Orange Country

They are Toxic and Dangerous

Liquid drain cleaners are made from harmful chemicals which have high toxicity levels. This is especially true for generic-brand versions that are inexpensive. These products are readily available in the market, but the manufacturers take less care in ensuring they are entirely safe to use. The fumes evaporated from these chemicals can cause irritation to your eyes, nose, and throat. Moreover, the toxic chemicals in the liquid drain cleaners cause a negative impact on the environment. When you flush this down your drainage, it ends up mixing unnatural chemicals with the water as it gets washed away. The residue from this material can contaminate soil and affects the water resources.

Damages to Pipes

When you are using a liquid chemical drain cleaner to unclog the drain, you are unknowingly inviting damages to your plumbing pipes. Hydrochloric acid is the main compound in liquid drain cleaner, and when you pour it down the drain, it may eat up the plumbing pipes it comes in contact with. This results in leakages and flooding. If you use it more often, it may cause you expensive plumbing problems in the near future. Plumbers in Orange Country

It’s Not Always the Right Option

If the drain blockage in your sink is caused by trapped food materials or any other simple objects, the liquid drain cleaner removes it and erodes your pipe system too. But, when the blockage is due to a bad sewer line or broken pipes, it could not solve your problem. So, whenever there is a water backup or simple blockage, call your plumber who specializes in drain and sewer repair in Orange County. They employ the right technique to remove the clog completely and take some preventative measures to avoid such problems from arising in the future. Do you find a clog in one of your drains? Don’t waste your money on harmful liquid drain cleaners. Call our plumbers in Orange County to unclog the drains and sewer lines the right way.