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Sewer Camera Inspections – What Do They Tell?

October 16 / 2019

When buying a new home, one important system that the home buyers often overlook is the sewer line. Since it’s buried underground, they often neglect it and get carried away with the other tasks. But, without proper inspection and maintenance, sewer lines can wreak havoc in your home. So, one of the best ways to get them inspected is to schedule sewer inspection in the Inland Empire CA. [caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Rooter Hero - Inland Empire[/caption] Sewer line inspection and repair is a costly endeavor, so it requires special equipment and technology to diagnose the issues underlying the sewer lines. Today, plumbers in the Inland Empire CA use sewer camera inspection to identify the problems in the sewer lines.

How Sewer Inspection in the Inland Empire CA Works?

The sewer camera is attached to a thin, snakelike hose that can be inserted into an open drain and features a box with a screen. When the camera is inserted into the drain or sewer pipe, it captures the images of the inside of the sewer line and sends it to the system. The images can be viewed on the screen in real-time. It also determines the source of the blockage and leaks without excavating the landscape and spoiling it.

How Does It Help?

The images sent by the cameras can be used to identify the problems associated with the sewer line blockage. In the conventional method, plumbers do the guesswork of the obstacle and start digging the place to confirm it. Once the blockage is confirmed, they will use special tools to remove the blockage. But, with a sewer camera inspection, you can find the blockage and the reason for it by sending a pipe with an attached camera and light without digging your landscape. Moreover, you can view the images in real-time, and the plumber can suggest you some cost-effective options to unclog sewer lines. The common problems identified by the sewer camera inspection are,
  • Cracks
  • Root Damage
  • Corrosion
  • Broken pipe
  • Blockages and more
The sewer line camera inspection can also find out if the blockage is caused by the tree root entering into your sewer line. By analyzing the images, we can determine the type of the root, the extent of the damage, and more. From this data, the plumbers would know how to use the right kinds of tools to correct the issue. [caption id="attachment_2663" align="aligncenter" width="300"]plumbing inspection Image Credit:[/caption]

Video Inspection and Drain Cleaning

Similar to sewer inspection and repair, cameras are used to capture the videos and images of the clogged drain to diagnose the problems associated with it. The data gathered from video inspection is used for drain cleaning in the Inland Empire, CA to unclog drains and remove any blockages. Buying a new home? Take some time out of your schedule to inspect your sewer lines and drain top to avoid costly repairs in the future. Visit us today!