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Jan 29 2020

Shower Habits and Plumbing Damage

A nice steamy shower is one of the hallmarks of modern day plumbing. It's something that is often taken for granted. So, when plumbing damage occurs as a result of poor shower habits, many people are caught off guard. Forming good habits when it comes to your plumbing is important. It can help your plumbing last longer, and also save you money on expensive repairs. Here are some common shower habits that can cause plumbing damage.   

Letting Hair Go Down The Drain

When it comes to clogged drains, hair is one of the worst villains! It’s sneaky and can enter your drains undetected where it can wreak havoc. The problem with hair, is that it gets caught. A natural grime from soap scum builds up inside of your drain pipes over time. This makes it super easy for hair to get caught. Once hair gets caught it will start collecting other debris, which will eventually form a massive obstruction. Have you ever taken a shower with a couple of inches of water at the base of your tub? This slow drainage is probably the result of hair going down the drain. In which case you will need to remove the hair. A plumbing millipede is very effective at removing hair and can be picked up at any hardware store. Once you have cleared the hair, invest in a drain screen to prevent hair from traveling down the drain. And remember, pet hair can also cause a problem. For persistent clogs, professional drain cleaning may be in order.   

Not Checking Hard Water Damage

Hard water is caused by mineral deposits in the water. It is a natural occurrence that unfortunately can cause plumbing damage. Calcium and magnesium are two of the most common minerals that cause damage. Mineral deposits lead to sediment buildup and corrosion. If you notice corrosion on the outside of your plumbing, what do you think it is doing to the inside? While copper pipes are more durable when it comes to corrosion, your plumbing fixtures, drain pipes, and appliances may be susceptible. To combat hard water, you need a water softener. In addition, if you notice a lot of buildup on your faucets and shower heads, try soaking them in vinegar to remove the buildup. This can help improve the flow of water and help your plumbing fixtures last longer.  

Ignoring Leaks

Leaks are another bad habit that can cause plumbing damage. Not only are you wasting water, but the constant drip of a faucet or shower head can eventually damage the sink, shower, or tub. Rust stains are common and can be difficult to remove. If you notice a leak, be sure to make repairs right away before the leak gets worse and damages the surrounding area.  

Leaving The Floor Wet After The Shower

A wet floor after the shower is not only dangerous, but it can also cause damage. If you have a wooden sub-floor, the water could leak past your flooring and damage the sub-floor. This is an expensive repair. Leaving water on the floor can also damage grout and allow mold to grow.

Taking Too Long Of A Shower

Sometimes a long hot shower is just what you need after a long day, however long steamy showers can also be problematic for mold overgrowth. Mold flourishes in warm, damp areas making your bathroom the pristine environment for mold. To combat mold overgrowth make sure you bathroom is properly ventilated. Keep the window open to help reduce the humidity, and make sure your bathroom fan is working properly. Have you noticed any plumbing damage in your bathroom? Leave it to the pros! Contact Rooter Hero today to schedule and appointment.

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