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Feb 19 2024

Signs Your Water Filtration System Isn't Working Properly

Water filtration systems work tirelessly to keep your potable water as clear and clean as possible. Sadly, they are prone to manufacturer defects, improper installations, accidental damage, and wear and tear. Recognizing the signs of a malfunctioning water filtration system is crucial for maintaining water quality and preventing potential health hazards.

In this article brought to you by Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we'll explore 10 common signs that indicate your water filtration system may not be working properly. If you’d rather consult with a trained plumber directly, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing.

Decreased Water Pressure

A sudden or gradual drop in water pressure throughout your home, or at specific faucets, may indicate a clogged or malfunctioning water filter. Accumulated sediment, debris, or mineral deposits inside the filter can restrict water flow, resulting in reduced pressure and slower water delivery.

Unpleasant Taste and/or Odor

If your filtered water smells or tastes strange, it could be a sign of bacterial growth, mold, or chemical contaminants in the filtration system. Foul-smelling or foul-tasting water may indicate that the filter needs replacement or that there is a problem with the system's sanitation or disinfection.

Cloudy or Discolored Water

Cloudy or discolored water coming from your taps suggests that the filtration system may not be effectively removing sediment, rust, or other particulate matter from the water. This can indicate a clogged or expired filter, inadequate filtration capacity, or a malfunctioning system component.

Visible Sediment or Particles

If you notice visible sediment, particles, or debris in your filtered water or building up in sinks, tubs, or appliances, then it may be due to a worn-out or damaged filter, improper installation, or insufficient filtration capacity for the water quality in your area.

Frequent Filter Replacements

If you’re having to constantly replace the filters, then there may be underlying issues with the filtration system. While filters naturally degrade over time, frequent replacements could indicate poor water quality, system overuse, or improper maintenance.

Leaks or Drips

Leaks, drips, or pooling water around the filtration system – or under sinks – can indicate potential plumbing problems or damage to system components. Leaks can waste water, cause property damage, and promote mold growth if left unaddressed.

Noisy Operations

Noisy operation can disrupt household peace and indicate impending system failure if not addressed promptly. Unusual noises such as rattling, banging, or whirring coming from the water filtration system may be due to mechanical issues, loose components, or air trapped in the system.

Inconsistent Water Quality

Inconsistencies in water quality suggest that the filtration system is not optimized to deliver reliable results. This may be due to inadequate filtration capacity, bypassing of contaminants, or system malfunctions.

Water Testing Results

Perhaps the best way to evaluate your water filtration installation is with water testing. Variations in water parameters such as pH, chlorine levels, or bacterial counts should be investigated to identify potential sources of contamination or system malfunction.

System Error Codes

If you’ve got an advanced water filtration system installation, then things may be even simpler. Modern water filtration systems equipped with electronic monitoring or diagnostic features may display error codes, warning lights, or audible alarms to indicate malfunctions or maintenance needs.

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