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Oct 26 2019

Some Of The Strangest Things Found In Plumbing

We often talk about what not to put down or flush down the drain, and with good reason. Improper treatment of drains can lead to serious plumbing problems. With that being said, not everyone heads our advice, which can lead to some pretty interesting things being found in plumbing. Whether these items entered the drain on accident or intentionally, it makes for a pretty interesting and entertaining story. Here are some of the strangest things found in plumbing.  


It comes as no surprise that cellphones are frequently found in plumbing. We live our lives on these devices, and many people can’t seem to put them down. Even when they are frequenting the restroom. This is why so many of them end up down the drain. According to techradar, 885,000 Britons flush their smartphones down the toilet each year. We have a feeling that if our friends across the pond are flushing their phones at that rate, we are probably not far behind here in the States.  


Toys are another one of the strangest things found in plumbing, although if you ask the average 3 year old, it probably seems like a pretty reasonable place to put ones toys. Be it an accident or on purpose, toys frequently end up misplaced down the drain. The problem with this is toys can often get lodged in your plumbing somewhere, which can cause a massive clog.  


Jewelry also makes the list of the strangest things found in plumbing. Expensive jewelry sometimes makes its way down the drain because it doesn’t fit properly, or a clasp is broken and it slips off. And sometimes it is the result of pure heartbreak. Whatever the reason, it is one of the most common things that gets lost down the drain.  


Yes, you read that right! Pets are also some of the strangest things found in plumbing. Sometimes it is by accident, sometimes it happens because the goldfish died and in the midst of its wake, clogs your plumbing. All kinds of animals have been found in plumbing from: boa constrictors, rats, possums, and other rodents to larger animals like alligators and even a cow! Sometimes they enter through the toilet or drain, other times they gain entry into your plumbing system through the sewer or a broken pipe. Needless to say, if you spot an animal in your plumbing, you should probably call a professional.  


What in the world is a fatberg you might ask? Well it is like an iceberg, except it's made from fat, or from the grease and oil you aren't supposed to put down the drain. Yeah, we know its pretty gross, which is why we cannot emphasize enough that grease should never go down the drain, however, we digress. Sometimes grease, oils, and fats go down the drain. If they make it past your plumbing without clogging it, they eventually end up in the sewer system, where they can mingle with other fats and debris, forming a giant mass, or fat berg. This year the largest fatberg was discovered in England, it weighed 400 tons and was 250 meters long and took months to remove from the sewer system (United Utilities).  Have you found something strange in your plumbing? Or have you lost something down your plumbing? Rooter Hero can help! To learn more or to schedule an appointment contact Rooter Hero today! 

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