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Apr 30 2019

Spring Cleaning Your HVAC - HVAC Maintenance Tips

Spring makes the perfect season to get a lot of your home’s maintenance done, including your HVAC maintenance. Spring is a good time of year for HVAC maintenance because it is after heavy usage in winter when you are running your heater and before heavy usage in summer when you are running the air conditioning. Regular HVAC maintenance can help your unit run better, more efficiently, and last longer. Here are some HVAC tips for your springtime maintenance.

HVAC Inspection

Part of your HVAC maintenance should be to have a thorough inspection of the unit. This helps insure that everything is in good working order. During the inspection all the working parts will be checked including the air blower, heat pump, electrical connections, condensing and evaporating coils, drain pan, and thermostat. If you have a gas unit, the pilot will be checked for a strong flame.

Clean and Lubricate

Throughout the year, dust can start to collect inside the unit, which can cause your unit to work harder and less efficiently. In addition, a well oiled machine will work more efficiently and more effectively. Think of it like the oil change for your vehicle, things run a lot smoother when you stay on top of the maintenance.  

Health and Safety

Another aspect of your HVAC maintenance is to make sure things are operating in a safe manner. HVAC units could be subject to gas leaks, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Electrical units could be prone to electrical fires. Part of your inspection will be about checking for potential safety hazards and addressing them right away.  

Rodents and Unwanted House-guests

During the winter months rodents and vermin may seek out refuge in your heater because it is warm. The problem is, if a rat sets up residents in your unit they can bring all kinds of health problems and damage your unit. Their droppings and urine can cause respiratory infections and their nests can be a fire hazard. In addition, rats and rodents can chew through wires, and the constant scratching around can cause damage to pipes, duct work, and the surrounding area.

Clean Ducts and Change Filters

Clean ducts and clean filters are important to improve the air quality in your home and also helps your unit run more efficiently and effectively. Over time dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, and other pathogens can collect in your ducts and filters. This lowers your air quality and impedes airflow, which makes your HVAC work a lot harder. This is why it is a good idea to clean your ducts at least once a year, and change or clean your filters annually as well.Staying on top of your HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep your unit running efficiently. The best time to have your HVAC maintenance done is before you have a breakdown. Regular HVAC maintenance can help identify potential problems before they strike so your not caught off guard with a busted air conditioning unit on the hottest day of summer. It also allows you to financially prepare for expensive repairs. To learn more about HVAC maintenance or to schedule your inspection click here.

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