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Mar 26 2020

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect time to get some important maintenance done around the home. Most people don’t give much thought to their mechanical systems, or their plumbing systems for that matter. Which can lead to disaster down the road. As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold. This definitely applies to maintenance for your home. Here are some spring maintenance tips for your home.   

Duct Cleaning

Having your ducts cleaned is important spring maintenance. Over time all kinds of dust, debris, pollen, dust mites, pet hair, dirt, mold, and bacteria can collect inside of your vents. When you start circulating air by running the heater, ac, or fan you start circulating these pathogens all over your house. This affects your air quality and can aggravate allergies. To improve the air quality in your home, it is a good idea to have your ducts cleaned at least once a year. Springtime is a good time to have this done, as it is right after the winter when you use your heater the most and right before summer when you start to run the air conditioning.   

HVAC Inspection

Your HVAC needs a little love every now and then. Incorporating an HVAC inspection and tune up into your spring maintenance can help your system run more efficiently and effectively. It can also help your system last longer and ensure it is running safely. An HVAC inspection involves a thorough inspection of all working parts, cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, cleaning of fans, power supply inspection, making sure there are no safety hazards, and checking the thermostat. Having your system checked by a professional can help you stay on top of repairs so you have less down time, and also help you prepare for future repairs, which can be expensive.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

You probably don’t give much thought to your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, but they are really important. Because they are battery operated, it is important to change the batteries at least once a year to ensure they are in good working order. Most detectors will chirp when the batteries start to run low, when this happens don’t disregard it. Change the batteries right away. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it produces no odor. This is why it is important to make sure your detectors are working properly.

Leak Detection

Ongoing leak detection is an important part of spring maintenance. It can help you save water and prevent unnecessary damage. If a leak continues undetected, it can cause a lot of water damage and provide the perfect condition for mold to grow. Not to mention it can affect your pocket book by wasting water right down the drain. Check for leaks under the sink, behind toilets, and around appliances. Inspect faucets, shower heads, and toilets. It is also important to be able to recognize the hidden signs of a leak like the sound of dripping or running water, unexplained puddles of water, the smell of mold, or a higher than usual water bill. If you notice any of these signs, you may have a hidden leak. A professional plumber can help you detect, diagnose, and repair hidden leaks using noninvasive techniques, which can save money and time.    For more spring maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment, contact Rooter Hero today!

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