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Feb 18 2022

The Average Lifespan of a Furnace

The furnace plays a central role in your property’s heating system. If you enjoy the warmth of your home, then you might want to know how the furnace works. In this short article brought to you by Rooter Hero, we will go over the average lifespan of a furnace and some things you should (and should not) do to make your furnace last as long as possible. If your furnace is in disrepair or on its last leg, then call Rooter Hero for a professional furnace repair or furnace replacement. Our live representatives and dedicated technicians are always happy to take your call.

How Long Will My Furnace Last?

As it is with many questions like this, the answer is "it depends." The life expectancy of your furnace depends on a variety of factors. A top-quality furnace made by a reputable company is likely going to last longer than a generic furnace sold at a local marketplace. Check the furnace’s owner’s manual to get the most precise answer. Some furnaces can last well over 30 years while others expire in single-digit years. On average, furnaces last around 15 to 25 years.

How to Make the Furnace Last Longer

If you check your owner’s manual to learn the life expectancy of the furnace, you will likely find that there are conditions. If you want to enjoy the full service life of your furnace, then you have to start off on the right foot and keep it up:

  • Buy a reliable unit from a reputable company. Do your research on its life expectancy and maintenance requirements. Make sure not to buy too big or too small. See what customers have to say about the product.
  • Start with a proper installation. The furnace is expensive. Don’t leave the installation to just anybody with a toolbox. Hire a qualified technician to get the job done right.
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance. Dust and debris can build up in the furnace, forcing it to work on overdrive. Clean out dirt, replace filters once per season, and make sure the air ducts are clear.
  • Handle repairs without delay. If you notice unusual noises or odors, then investigate and call a qualified technician. Ignoring small issues can allow them to turn into big problems down the line.

These tips will help make your furnace last as long as possible. Routine maintenance and tune-ups can also improve the energy efficiency of your unit. Call Rooter Hero if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Your One Stop Shop for Furnace Needs

The furnace takes great care of you by keeping the living spaces warm and toasty. The least you can do is take care of it as well. Rooter Hero is proud to be your local one stop shop for all of your furnace repair needs. We can help with the initial installation as well as the maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement. Call Rooter Hero today to speak with a friendly representative. We are happy to schedule an appointment or arrange an urgent dispatch.

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