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Oct 09 2019

Thermostats, Ducts Work and Duct Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Rooter Hero specializes in a wide range of services. We have the necessary equipment needed and expertise to offer you top-notch services in duct cleaning and maintenance of thermostats.

Advanced Duct Cleaning Services at Rooter Hero

The Rotobrush System

Rooter Hero uses the new age air system which offers advanced duct cleaning services. The Rotobrush system of cleaning is currently the only rotating brush system available on the market. It has patented technology which ensures thorough cleaning by removing contaminants and helps loosen tough debris as it works. Most of the other systems usually rely on big, loud and often messy equipment by bringing it to your home. This system can be maneuvered easily. It also does not require many to operate it. That means you get a more thorough cleaning in an efficient and effective manner convenient for you. There is no better Thermostats, Ducts Work and Duct Cleaning Services in Phoenix than Rooter Hero.

Health Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Rooter Hero uses the best modern technology to provide duct cleaning services in the best way possible. Most residents in Arizona Phoenix and the surrounding area homeowners are not aware that the air that is in their homes may be about 10 times more contaminated than the air outdoors! This means that your air ducts, which are a crucial component of your heating and air conditioning system, they may be contaminated with dust, fungi, pet hair, bacteria, mold and many other contaminants which can impact negatively on your family’s health and anyone entering your home. This is true because whenever your furnace or central air conditioner is running, air circulates through these ducts, contaminating the air in your home as well. At Rooter Hero, we can help you remove these contaminants by providing quality duct cleaning services. Trust us with the job of maintaining your HVAC system. Most homeowners rely on us to keep everything working well in their homes concerned with Thermostats, Ducts Work and Duct Cleaning Services in Phoenix Arizona.

Maximum HVAC Efficiency

Majority of duct cleaning systems simply rely on blowing air into your ductwork. This normally blows the dust and contaminants around and can make your home dirtier. It can actually blow all of those nasty contaminants into the air around you. Clean ductwork is good for air quality in the home and also helps the HVAC system operate more efficiently. Technicians at Rooter Hero provide high-quality services with the client at the core. Call us for your maximum HVAC efficiency services. 

Thermostats and Controls

The market is full of a wide range of thermostats and controls available in the market that can promote the maximum comfort in your house while operating at peak efficiency. Most of these can be easily controlled using the smartphone. Rooter Hero can install a wide range of thermostats and controls for you if you need them. Contact us and we will fix it for you!  

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Furnace or AC
Safety Inspection


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