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Jul 29 2021

Tips to Keep Your Drains from Getting Clogged

A clogged drain is easily among the top three reasons property owners call Rooter Hero Plumbing for quality plumbing service. Sometimes, there is not much you can do. For instance, invasive tree roots might penetrate pipes out in the yard. However, there is a lot that you can do to keep your drains from getting clogged. A little bit of mindfulness can keep your drains flowing seamlessly. To get things started, here are some tips to prevent drains from getting clogged. We’ll also add some tips on how to clean your drains safely. If you prefer to schedule a professional drain cleaning, then call Rooter Hero Plumbing today.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Kitchen sink clogs are especially bothersome because sanitation is so important in the location you prepare, cook, and even eat your food. Foul odors coming from the kitchen sink are unappetizing to say the least, and water backups can get in the way of your food preparation.

Fortify your defenses against clogging by installing a garbage disposal and/or drain filter. However, you do not want to over-rely on these units. Mindfully limit what you allow in your kitchen sink. You should keep the following out of the kitchen drains:

  • Bones, eggshells, fruit pits, and other hard food scraps.
  • Pasta, rice, bread, grains, coffee grinds and other foods that absorb water and expand.
  • Used fats, oils, and greases which can harden in the pipes.
  • Fruit peels, onion peels, and other fibrous food remains.

Scrape these off your plates into the trash bin or the compost bin to the best of your ability, even if you have a garbage disposal.

Toilet Clogs

Many homeowners confuse their toilet with a garbage bin. Though the toilet bowl is wide, the drains are still narrow and vulnerable to clogging. A blockage in the toilet drains can lead to terrible consequences such as wastewater and sewage backups, flooding your bathroom floors with harmful bacteria, pathogens, and microbes.

The only things you should flush down the toilet are toilet paper, pee, and poo. Everything else should go in the trash bin. Keep the following out:

  • Wet wipes, paper towels, cotton balls, and tissues
  • Kitty litter, diapers, and hygiene products
  • Anything non-biodegradable

Bathroom Sink and Shower Drain Clogs

You wash off a considerable amount of dirt and muck into your bathroom sinks and shower drains. Install drain filters to catch as much of this grime as possible and remember to clean the filters or replace them regularly. Some other tips:

  • Rinse your pets off outside before they get in the shower.
  • Brush your hair and toss hair strands in the trash before you get in the shower.
  • Use liquid soap as opposed to bar soap, which contains fats that can clog drains.

Cleaning Your Drains

Chemical drain cleaners have become increasingly popular over the years, but they can cause more harm than good. The toxic chemicals can poison children and pets who unknowingly consume them. They can also deteriorate pipes from the inside out.

Instead, opt for natural cleaners. Rinse drains with hot water for a few minutes once every week and with vinegar and baking soda once every few months. Finally, schedule a professional drain cleaning once every couple of years to keep the drains flowing seamlessly. Rooter Hero Plumbing is proud to offer drain cleaning services with dedicated plumbers.

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