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Oct 21 2019

Tips to Troubleshoot Sewer Line Symptoms

Sewer line and drains are the essential parts of your plumbing system. Leaks, cracks, or blockages affect the sewer line, which could even result in a major plumbing issue. When left unattended, it would cause basement leakage, flooding, and more. You can prevent these issues by identifying the symptoms of sewer line break and scheduling a maintenance service for your plumbing in Ventura CA.

Symptoms of Sewer Repair in Ventura CA

Being aware of the signs of sewer repair in Ventura CA will help you to determine the leak, breaks, or other issues associated with the sewer lines. Here is a list of the symptoms of sewer problems.

Erosion in Pipes

When there are sewer line issues in your plumbing system, it would disrupt the even flow in the pipe and erodes the exterior and interior of the pipes. This can be determined by water leaks outside the pipe, draining and soaking the ground above and beneath it. Moreover, water drags the surrounding soil with it bit by bit when the moisture flows back into the pipe. Pipe erosion can cause a void in the ground area, and this space invites rodents and other critters to nest and feed. It also causes cracks in your concrete foundation, pathways, and driveways. Massive pipe erosion causes water leaks and puts your property at risk for damages. 

Bad Odors

The break in your sewer line also causes gas odors around your property. If you are facing this issue, it’s time to investigate and have a sewer camera inspection. You must call a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible since sewer gas is flammable. Also, taking good care of your pipes and managing even small pipe leaks promptly can save you a lot of money and time.

Mold Growth

The presence of mold in your basement is another sure sign of having a damaged sewer line. The moisture, darkness, and bacteria, the common outcomes of sewer line damage could present a perfect thriving environment for mold growth. Replacing a sewer line in the basement or underneath your property’s foundation can be tricky, as backups from a line break will occur in the lowest drain connection to the sewer lateral.

Sewer Line Symptoms – A Quick Checklist

  • Water draining slowly in the toilet, bath, and shower
  • Clogs and backup in sewer lines and drains
  • Blooming plants during drought season
  • Cracks in foundation, wall, or pathway surface
  • Pest infestation
  • Mold growth in the lower areas of your property
  • Bad odor from the drains

Need help in sewer-line or drain cleaning in Ventura CA? Our professionals can help! Call to request a quote.   

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