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Why Is My Toilet So Noisy?
August 21 / 2015

Why Is My Toilet So Noisy?

There are many reasons why your toilet may be making annoying noises and keeping you up at night. The good news is the majority of noisy toilet problems are easily fixable once you determine the root of the problem. Correcting a noisy toilet can be a quick DIY project. Although, sometimes, you may have to put down the toolbox and give your friendly, local plumber a call.

Common Causes and DIY Fixes for Noisy Toilets

One of the most prevalent problems is a whining toilet. If you hear this sound as the toilet tank is refilling, it could be a partially closed valve or the ballcock assembly may need cleaning or replacement. Simple repairs to diagnose and repair a whining toilet is better than replacing the entire assembly that consists of both the flush valve and the ballcock. While the ballcock regulates the water that fills the tank, the flush valve controls the flow of water from the tank to the bowl. When the toilet flushes, the lever raises the chain connected to the flapper. As the flapper rises, the water travels from the valve seat into the bowl. After the tank empties, the stopper falls back over the tank’s inner opening while the float ball trips the ballcock assembly, allowing the new water supply to travel through the tank fill tube. A blocked or damaged ballcock assembly can hinder water flow and cause noise as the tank fills. A whining toilet can also be the result of restricted water flow to the refill valve. To determine if this is the problem, check to see if the toilet’s main shutoff valve is open fully. Partially-closed valves mean that your tank may not be getting adequate water. If you see an open valve, examine the ballcock assembly’s washers for scale buildup or other damage that may be restricting water flow. If the toilet bowl is slowly draining or suddenly stops when flushed, the refill line could be blocked or there may be a clog in the toilet. Take the tank lid off, flush the toilet, and check the ball float. If the ball float has cracks, it needs replacement.

When to Call for Help

If you still can’t determine the cause of the problem or none of these simple procedures eliminates the noise, give us a call at Rooter Hero Plumbing. Taking care of toilet issues quickly helps conserve water and keep more money in your pocket. We'll get a plumber to your home to address your noisy toilet right away to correct the problem cost-effectively and quickly!