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Sep 01 2015

Top Commercial Plumbing Projects

Commercial buildings, newly constructed or decades old, face common plumbing problems. These issues, if ignored, can be not only costly to fix, but they can create the following problematic scenarios:

  • Cessation of production
  • Office closures
  • Inability to use the facilities
  • Flooding
  • Loss of business and profit

Property managers and business owners in the market for commercial plumbing service need to find a licensed and bonded plumbing service that specializes in commercial properties. The plumbing service should have a track record of excellent repair and replacement services for the problems outlined below.

Sewage Detectors and Sump Pumps

These are common pumps that are important for the collection and disposal of storm drain water and sewage waste. It’s critical to maintain these yearly.

Water Booster Pump Replacement

Does your building experience low water pressure from time to time? Booster pumps, installed directly in the water supply line, can significantly increase the water pressure. A commercial plumber can help you find the right pump for your building’s needs.

Water Storage Tank Pump System Replacement

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is hiring the wrong professional to install a new water tank. Water tank replacement may seem easy enough, but this is a task that can take a while to complete and the water needs to be turned off during the installation. It’s important you have an experienced contractor on the project working to get the installation completed correctly in as little time as possible.

Pipe Section Replacement

Replacing plumbing risers requires precise planning and design. Whether you operate a high rise, a restaurant, or a small strip mall, your goal should be to minimize your tenants’ inconvenience. Pipe replacement requires walls to be opened; cabinets moved, and the water turned off. You need a commercial plumber who has the experience to re-pipe the following:

  • Pipes affected by low water pressure
  • Galvanized to copper re-piping
  • Sew gas, drainage/venting

Water & Fire Backflow Repair/Replacement

Backflow preventers (aka cross-connection controls) separate contaminated water from clean water.  Preventers are working 24/7 and endure a lot of wear and tear. It’s important you have a plumber who understands common repairs that include:

  • O-ring and diaphragm replacement
  • Pressure checks of seats, disc assemblies, and modules
  • Pressure zone assembly repairs
  • Spring replacement for spring-loaded assemblies

A backflow disaster could mean serious problems for your business. It’s critical these parts are kept in good condition. Complex commercial and industrial plumbing issues need the specialized skills of a credentialed commercial plumber. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we have a crew of top-rated experts with a track record of excellence, who are ready to go to work for you today. You can count on us for successful project completion.

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