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Top Reasons for Your Foul Smelling Drains
July 04 / 2019

Top Reasons for Your Foul Smelling Drains

Have you noticed a sewer like odor emanating from your drains? Bad smelling drains can affect the natural aesthetics of your home. Here are a few very common reasons why your drains smell bad, and it can be corrected.

Reasons Why Drains Smell

Rotten Materials

Many homeowners allow all types of food waste to be washed down the drain. This organic material can build up along the walls of the drainpipe, where it begins to decay and create a bad smell. A professional plumber can fix the issue in no time. But, you have to change your kitchen practices to avoid the problems from re-occurring.

Blocked Drain Vent

Vent in your drainage system allows sewer gas to be passed through the pipes and escape and prevents pressure build-up inside the pipes. When these vents are blocked, it will create a pressure which forces sewer gas through your p-trap and into your home. In such cases, you need the help of professionals to fix the problem.

Dry P-trap

A P-trap is a segment of curved pipe that traps water and prevent sewer gas from flowing back into the pipe. If you aren’t using a particular sink for a very long time, the P-trap will not be able to prevent sewer gas from rising through the drain. This problem can be solved quickly by opening the faucet and running water for a minute so that the trap fills up and prevents sewer gas from escaping.

Damaged Sewer Line

A damaged sewer line can allow sewage to back up into your home, causing a foul smell. Get assistance from an experienced plumber to fix the issue immediately. They will use special camera equipment to inspect the sewer line and locate the damage and suggest repair options to correct the problem. Check our website now to find assistance with any plumbing problem.