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Apr 08 2022

Top Reasons Your AC System Is Not Blowing Cold Air

You are not asking your air conditioner for much. All you want is cold air on demand. Sometimes, however, that air is barely blowing and feels cool at best. Before you jump on the web or call for an air conditioning repair, let’s go over some common reasons why your AC system is not blowing cold air. The fix might be as simple as changing the air filter. For more complicated issues, consider calling Rooter Hero to schedule a professional HVAC repair or maintenance. We are a nationally renowned business with a commitment to quality service at affordable prices. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call today.

A Dirty Air Filter

Naturally, the air filter restricts some air flow – but for good reason. Air filters are meant to filter out the dust and debris from the air so that you get fresh, clean air. After some time, however, the filter will become too dirty and must be replaced. If you do not replace the air filter once every three months, the air filter can cause a total blockage of air. At first, this can cause your unit to cool unevenly. Eventually, some rooms might not get cold air at all.

Changing your air filter can be as simple as turning off the unit, popping open the vent, removing the old, and installing the new filter. If you would prefer to leave this and other HVAC maintenance to a qualified technician, then call Rooter Hero to schedule an appointment or request a dispatch.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is a major line of communication between the user and the air conditioner. You adjust the temperature to a desired level and the AC takes it from there. What happens when the thermostat is not communicating properly? Thermostats are prone to miscalibrations and other basic malfunctions. Fortunately, you can have the thermostat repaired or even upgraded to a newer model! Call Rooter Hero to learn about your options. Modern thermostats offer a host of neat features.

Dirty Condenser Coils

One of the critical components of the air conditioning system is the condenser coil. This part of the unit is found outdoors and is usually very hot. This is where the heat from your home is removed. It is more complex than simply blowing hot air outdoors though. Refrigerant, copper tubing, and aluminum cooling fins work together to speed up the cooling process. If the condenser become dirtied or if the fins become damaged, then the unit will struggle. Routine HVAC maintenance covers cleaning the condenser coils and ensuring the fins are in good shape.

Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor is a small component that makes a huge difference. It stores energy that will be used to start and run the unit with a beginning jolt of power. When the capacitor goes bad, many homeowners think the unit must be replaced. Fortunately, Rooter Hero can replace the capacitor and salvage your air conditioning unit. Call Rooter Hero to speak with a live representative today.

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