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Oct 31 2019

Tree Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipes – What You Can Do?

A clogged drain doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, it occurs due to the habits you’ve created in your home. From flushing everything in your sink to not installing a hair trapper, it contributes to clogged drains. But, there are instances when an outdoor element causes destruction to your drains and sewer lines, and you couldn’t control it. One of those elements is tree root. Tree roots make their way into your pipes and drain system when they are on the lookout for space or need a space to grow. When they start invading your pipe, it grows from there, causing damages to sewer pipes. The signs of tree intrusion are not always visible, but there are few symptoms that help you identify tree obstruction in sewer pipes.

Signs of Tree Intrusion in Sewer Lines

Enhanced Tree Growth

Tree root intrusion can be identified if a sudden tree located near or around sewer pipes in your yard begins to flourish and grow faster than the rest. This is because the nutrition and moisture the roots get, allow it to grow and flourish as it should.   

Bad Odor

Tree root obstruction in your sewer pipe prevents clogs from going down into the drain system as free as once it did. This generates bad odors and water backups that causes discomfort to your living. If the smell persists even after trying all the remedies, tree roots may be the cause.

Water That Drains Slowly

As the tree roots block the sewer lines, it makes the water pool in your tub and sink. This will often leave you with a drastically slower drain flow than average. So, whenever you are facing slower drain issues, hire the best drain cleaning service in Phoenix to fix the issue.

Noises in the Toilet

Do you hear unusual grumbling noise in your toilet? It is due to obstructed tree roots as it’s blocking water flow. It can be fixed by getting a sewer drain cleaning in Phoenix.

How to Fix Tree Root Intrusion?

Sewer Camera Inspection

If you are doubtful that have clogged drains due to tree root obstruction, get the help of the professionals who can perform sewer care inspection. This method uses a snake-like hose with a camera attached to one end of the instrument. The camera captures the videos and images of the inner sewer lines and sends it to the system. You can view these images and videos real-time on the screen. Based on the results and the extent of the intrusion, they will suggest a treatment that completely removes tree roots out of your sewer pipes.    If you are looking for sewer or drain cleaning in Phoenix, request service now!  

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