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Dec 10 2021

Trenchless Pipe Repair or Traditional Repair? Which One is More Affordable

Owning a home is often fraught with unexpected expenses. Nobody wants to find out that they need a pipe repair or replacement. In the past, fixing busted underground pipes required a lot of digging and damage. Thankfully, with the introduction of trenchless technology, most pipes can be repaired in one day with minimal disruption to your lawn. And while this technique is becoming more common, many homeowners wonder whether they should invest in a conventional sewer repair or opt for a trenchless sewer line replacement. Here at Rooter Hero Plumbing, our staff of highly trained and skilled technicians is here to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process from start to finish.

Costs of Conventional Sewer Repair and Replacement

Pipes in the ground that carry sewer and wastewater are made of different materials which decay at different rates. This makes it hard to know when they will break. There are also a lot of hidden expenses when it comes to fixing a sewer line. Typical repair costs can range between $600 to $1,000 per foot or more. Traditional pipe replacement for this problem is usually done through excavation. This means that the whole section of pipe would need to be dug up, installed with new pipes, and then covered over again. When it comes to fixing plumbing pipes, traditional methods may appear cheaper on the surface. However, a conventional sewer repair will often incur higher costs than anticipated. Additional labor expenses can quickly accrue with the excavation process. You may also end up having to replace a driveway or expensive landscape design. In some cases, it can cost thousands of dollars to restore the property back to its original form.

Is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement a More Affordable Option?

Trenchless pipe repair is the process of fixing pipes without digging trenches. This process eliminates the need to disrupt the surrounding landscape. There are two methods of trenchless pipe repair:

Lateral pipe lining is a new and revolutionary way of repairing pipes of all sizes. It creates a new layer on the inside of your existing pipe, thus repairing all cracks and disturbances in it. Costs can vary depending on the length of the pipe being repaired. 
Pipe bursting involves replacing an existing pipeline with a new one. The method relies on either hydraulic or pneumatic devices to push the old line out and insert the new one. Pipe bursting is an effective pipe replacement that can cut costs.

Time for Your Next Sewer Repair or Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement? 

Are you worried about the condition of your underground pipes? Then call the team at Rooter Hero to get the help you need right away. Our professionals are experts in all types of plumbing problems. Some of the common issues we can fix include drain clogs, hidden leaks, and burst pipes. If you think your pipes need repair or replacement, call our office now to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber in your California or Arizona community. 

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