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Sep 13 2020

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Did you recently test your water supply and discover a high concentration of minerals or contaminants? Then you may have already begun your search for a reliable water filtration system for your home or business. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide premium residential and commercial plumbing services for clients in California and Arizona communities. Our certified plumbers enjoy helping our customers improve the safety and effectiveness of their plumbing systems, and we want to do the same for you. Here is some more information about the most popular varieties of water filtration systems available in the market, so you can determine which options will best fit your unique needs. 

Carbon Filters 

Activated carbon filters can remove larger materials such as silt, sediment, chlorine and some commonly found pesticides and herbicides. While this is one of the most basic forms of filtration, it is widely available and can make your fresh water safer and more pleasant for drinking and cooking. 

Water Ionizers 

Alkaline filters or water ionizers utilize the process of electrolysis to separate the incoming fresh water into two streams. The result is softer water that is also less acidic. While such water systems can create changes to the pH balance of your water, it may not be as effective in removing contaminants as some other options. 

UV Filters 

UV filtration harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to kill some forms of bacteria that could be present in your drinking water. While this method is effective at removing many forms of microorganisms, it may not successfully destroy strains of Giardia, Cryptosporidium and a handful of other harmful contaminants. 

Reverse Osmosis 

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are one of the most popular varieties available, and for good reason. The water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, which helps to remove a wide range of minerals, chemicals and metals.  

Benefits of Investing in a Whole Home Water Filtration System

Many individuals think of faucet attachments and specialized pitchers when they think about water filters. This is because these types of filters have mass market appeal because of their wide availability and affordable price tag. However, these devices are expensive to maintain over time since they have to be replaced in a very short period of time. In addition, multiple filters need to be purchased in order to accommodate every faucet and showerhead in the home. These filters are also powerless to help with hard water and its effect on expensive appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. Whole home water filtration systems work to thoroughly filter every ounce of water from your fresh water supply as it enters the property, so you are sure to get quality water every time you need it. 

Are You Ready for a Professional Water Filtration System Installation? Call Rooter Hero Plumbing 

Is it time for you to invest in the quality of your fresh water supply? Then there is no reason to wait. Call the experts at Rooter Hero Plumbing today. Our certified, licensed and insured plumbers are always ready to come to the rescue. Contact our office for more details about our commercial and residential plumbing services or to schedule a time to meet with a qualified plumber in your Arizona or California community. 

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