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Oct 18 2019

Waiting For A Plumber? What To Do With A Leaky Pipe While You Wait

A leaky pipe can be one of the most devastating plumbing problems if left undetected. The reason being is that water can do a lot of damage to the surrounding area and even make matters worse. Proactive leak detection is your best line of defense against the aftereffects of a leaky pipe. If you discover a leaky pipe early on, you can save a lot of water, money, and protect the integrity of your home. So what do you do once you have discovered a leak? Here is what you can do while you are waiting for a plumber. 

Use A Pipe Bandage

A pipe bandage is a good temporary solution while you are waiting for a plumber. They can be picked up at any hardware store. To apply, turn off the water, dry the area, and apply the bandage. Remember, this is only designed to be a temporary fix while you are waiting for a plumber.  

Good Ol’ Fashioned Duct Tape

That’s right, duct tape can be highly effective at temporarily repairing a leak while you are waiting for a plumber. There are many uses for duct tape, so keeping a roll around for emergencies is a good idea. They also make plumbing repair tape that is made out of silicone. This can be effective at patching small pinhole leaks, and leaks around joints. Again, this is only meant to be a temporary solution. While duct tape can help stop the flow of water, it most definitely is not a permanent solution.  

Pipe Wrap

Pipe wrap can provide some longer term relief. It is a tape that is made out of fiberglass that is woven around the leaky pipe. Once it gets wet, it shrinks and hardens around the pipe as it dries. This forms a barrier that helps keep the pipe from leaking while you are waiting for a plumber. 


If you have a pin hole leak, you may be able to stop the leak with an epoxy. For this repair, the water must be turned off, and the area must be dry. Fill the hole with the epoxy, and let it dry completely before turning on the water. This should buy you some time while you are waiting for a plumber.

Tips While You Are Waiting

Running or leaking water is a serious matter. It can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding area, and also pose safety concerns, especially if electricity is involved. This is why it is important to know where your water shut off is. Each plumbing fixture and appliance has a water supply valve. This is usually located under the sink, behind the toilet, or behind the appliance. For more serious plumbing leaks, you may need to turn the water off at the main water supply valve. This is usually located around the foundation of your home or out in the yard.        Another important tip while you are waiting for a plumber is to clear the area. Make sure the area that needs repairs is easily accessible. You may also want to clear away any personal belongings you don’t want damaged. Keep a roll of plastic on hand in the event of a plumbing emergency. In addition, in the event of a flood, do not enter the area. Vacate the area and call your plumber right away. Remember safety first! For more plumbing tips or to schedule an appointment contact Rooter Hero today! 

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