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Watch Out for These Winter Plumbing Issues
October 28 / 2019

Watch Out for These Winter Plumbing Issues

Compared to any other time of the year, it certainly does seem like more things go wrong in the dead of winter. Plumbing is undoubtedly one among them and causes havoc in your home. According to the research reports, it is estimated that the plumbers in San Jose receive a lot of phone calls during the colder months than any other months of the years. From November to March, plumbing professionals are in higher demand. So, it’s critical to keep an eye on your plumbing system throughout the winter months. Here we’ve discussed a few winter plumbing issues that everyone should be aware of.

Clogged or Blocked Drains

Drain clogging or blockage is common during the winter months because people are cooking and hosting parties so much more often than at other times in the year. With that said, people tend to throw more waste and garbage in the sink, and with increased use comes the higher potential for something to go wrong. Clogged drains can mess up with your holiday cheer and hiring affordable plumbing in San Jose helps you to fix the issue when you are in need.

Hot Water Problems

Water heater problem is the next common issue that occurs during the cold winter months. This is caused because the water being pulled in travels through very cold pipes, meaning it takes longer for that water to heat up. Running out of hot water in the winter is a real inconvenience people use more hot water. Whenever you are faced with a hot water problem, call a plumber instead of doing any DIY job. You can also schedule a water heater inspection before the winter months to ensure that your water heater is working properly and there is no problem associated with it. Also, if your water heater is more than ten years older, it is better to replace it to avoid any problems during the winter months.

Pipe Line Break

The potential cause for a water line break is the standing water in the freezing pipes. This scenario can cause blockages that can grow and eventually cause major leaks that can be expensive to repair. To ensure that these blockages don’t occur, install pressure relief valves in your water line.

Pipe Freezing

Frozen pipes are a common problem during the winter months, and it can cause major destruction to your plumbing system. If you detect any frozen pipes in your home, shut off your water supply to keep any more water from clogging up and bursting the pipes. Call a 24 hour plumber in San Jose to fix the problem right away. Call our professionals for emergency plumbing repairs.