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Jan 01 2020

Water Heater Safety Tips

A water heater is one of the best things about modern plumbing. Having hot running water is often something that gets taken for granted these days. And while we are marveling over the luxury of having hot running water, it is important to take into account water heater safety tips. As with all things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Accidents happen, and usually it is because the person was unaware that they were doing anything wrong. When it comes to your water heater safety, here are some things to consider for safe practices.   

Make Sure The Pilot Stays Lit

When the pilot goes out on a water heater, it poses a dangerous situation. For starters, gas is highly flammable so the risk of fire increases. Secondly, inhaling gas can make you feel very sick. Prolonged exposure to a gas leak can cause nauseousness, lightheadedness, headache, and difficulty breathing. As a water heater safety tip, and really as a gas operated appliance tip in general, make sure the pilot stays lit to avoid a gas leak. 

Free The Surrounding Area of Clutter

Water heaters are often located in areas of the home that out of sight like the garage or basement, which also makes the area a great place to store stuff. The problem is, is if the area around your water heater is too congested with stuff, especially flammable stuff, it creates a fire hazard.   

Make Sure Your Water Heater Is Properly Ventilated

It is important to make sure your water heater gets the proper ventilation, so make sure vents are properly placed and are pointing up and out instead of up and down.   

Make Sure Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Working

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potential hazard with any gas using appliance. It is an odorless gas that is deadly. So having a working carbon monoxide detector is really important.  

Check Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is designed to keep your water heater from exploding if the water pressure gets to high. These valves can wear out over time, so it is important to check it at least once a year. Simply pull up on the handle and see if water flows freely. If no water pours out or trickles out, then it is time to replace it.  

Check Water Temperature

The size of your water heater will depend on the size of your home. Sometimes the tank size isn’t large enough to keep up with demand. When this happens the over demand of the water heater can cause high temperatures and pressure. For residential water heaters, the temperature should never go above 120 degrees. Temperatures over 120 degrees can be dangerous and also create the perfect environment for certain bacteria to grow.   Making sure your water heater is safe is important. Regular maintenance is good to make sure your water heater is operating safely, effectively, and efficiently. It can also help your water heater last longer. To schedule your water heater maintenance contact Rooter Hero today. 

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