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Feb 01 2023

Water Jetters vs. Cable Machines

A blockage in the drain line is arguably the most common plumbing issue. To little surprise, inventors have come up with multiple solutions to this age-old problem. This variety of options is both a blessing and a curse for some people, however, as they scratch their heads wondering which to choose.

In this brief article brought to you by Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, we will help you decide between two of the most popular and effective tools: water jetters and cable machines. At Rooter Hero, we offer both options for our clients because each has its unique pros and cons. If you are looking for uniformed plumbers to handle your clogged drain cleaning, feel free to call Rooter Hero and schedule a convenient appointment.

Cable Machines

Cable machines, also called augers or drain snakes, are long, flexible cables with a cork-screw-like coil at one end. This end is inserted into the drain and pushed until it hits an obstruction. That is when you, or the plumbers, give the device an extra boost to twist and pierce through the blockage. The cable is then pulled back out, bringing with it some of the gunk and debris that was blocking your drain.

The drain snake, or cable machine, is a time-tested method for clearing basic blockages, but it is rudimentary. The results are often substandard; it very rarely clears out the drain completely. Rather, drain snaking tends to leave residual debris in the drain line. This residue generally acts as the starting point for the very next clog.

A pro tip is to choose an auger with a tip that is almost as wide as the drains being unclogged. Drain snaking only clears a path as wide as the tip of the auger, and maybe a tiny bit more if you jolt and shake a few times as you pull the cable back out.

Water Jetters

Hydro jetting is a more modern solution for the age-old issue of a clogged drain. Water jetters also include a long, flexible cable, but at the tip is a nozzle rather than a coil or hook. Through the nozzle comes highly pressurized water capable of piercing through even dried concrete and sturdy tree roots. The pressure and direction of the pressurized water is adjustable, meaning you, or the plumber, can direct the water jetters to completely scour away the blockage.

Though hydro jetting offers a more thorough cleaning, the highly pressurized water can sometimes do more harm than good. Older, fragile pipes that are damaged or corroded may not be able to withstand the force from the powerful stream of water. Luckily, most plumbers, like those at Rooter Hero, first inspect the drain line with advanced video technology. Any damage will be recommended for a repair, or the pressure will be adjusted and properly directed to avoid breaking through the old or damaged drains.

Need Reliable Clogged Drain Cleaning? Call Rooter Hero

At Rooter Hero, our uniformed plumbers are trained and equipped to deliver a variety of solutions. We employ traditional methods as well as modern approaches like hydro jetting. Call Rooter Hero to learn more about our services and schedule a flexible appointment today. We are also happy to arrange an emergency drain cleaning in covered areas.

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