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Jul 02 2019

Water Saving Tips for Summer - Conserving Water Outside of Your Home

As summertime gets underway, you may find yourself outside more often enjoying the warm temperatures. As temperatures start to climb, it often results in more water usage, for example perhaps you find yourself watering more often, or if you have a pool refilling it more often. Regardless of the reason, the more water you use this summer, the higher your water bill. Conserving water is the best way to save money and also protect one of our most precious resources. Here are some water saving tips for summer to help you conserve water outside of your home.  

Conserving Water Around the Yard

One of the biggest sources of outdoor water waste is yard work. During the summertime many homeowners want their yards in tip top shape. They are spending more time outdoors and want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This may involve extra watering or cleanup that can result in higher water usage. Some ways to cut down and conserve water while maintaining your landscaping include: 

  • Install timer for sprinkler system.
  • Set timer for sprinkler system either early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not at its peak. This will allow for greater saturation and less evaporation giving you a bigger bang for your buck.
  • Water on alternate days. California just got out of a historic drought, many cities imposed watering restrictions. While the drought may be over, watering on alternate days is still a good idea to conserve water, it is also more budget friendly.
  • Check sprinkler system for leaks and make repairs.
  • Choose plants that don’t require a lot of water. Many homeowners have decided to ditch their luscious green lawns in favor of landscaping that requires less water. This is a great way to conserve water and helps give your home a more modern curb appeal. 
  • Use a broom or blower to clean up around the yard. You may find yourself reaching for the hose to clean off the sidewalk, but a broom is just as effective and doesn’t waste any water.

Conserving Water Around The Pool 

It is only natural that water evaporates during heat waves. Because of this, you may find yourself refilling your pool more often. This can be a huge waste of water. A good water saving tip for summer is to invest in a good pool cover for when you pool isn’t in use. This can help reduce the amount of water that evaporates out of the pool, keep debris out, and even warm the temperature of your pool. In addition, you should also be on the lookout for any leaks and make repairs right away to prevent unnecessary waste. 

Take Your Car to The Car Wash

You probably like to keep your car clean, and figure you are saving a few bucks by washing it yourself, however, you actually use more water when you wash your car yourself than the car wash does. To conserve water, it is best to take your car to the car wash. The car wash has a system in place for collecting and reusing the water it uses, making it more a more efficient way to wash your wheels.  

Plumbing Leaks

Your main water line and your sewer line are going to be susceptible to leaks. If you main water line breaks, you could unknowingly be wasting a lot of water. At the same time, a sewer leak can cause all kinds of plumbing problems, not to mention be a big mess to clean up. Shifting ground, extreme heat, and tree roots can all cause damage to your pipes. Regular plumbing inspections are ideal for identifying potential threats. In addition, it is important to know what signs to look out for which include: a higher than usual water bill, extra lush patches of grass in your yard, unexplained puddles of water in your yard, and warm water from the faucet. If you notice any of these signs contact your plumber right away!   Want more water saving tips for summer? Contact Rooter Hero today.   

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