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May 11 2019

Water Saving Tips for Water Awareness Month

California-based plumbing and drain company offers advice to local homeowners for Water Awareness Month

MISSION HILLS, Calif.May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading California-based home service company Rooter Hero is giving area homeowners advice for conserving water in observance of California's Department of Water Resources' Water Awareness Month.

"California just emerged from a 7-year-long drought, so water conservation is more of an issue in The Golden State than in other parts of the country," said John Akhoian, co-founder and CEO of Rooter Hero. "Fortunately, we can all take some simple measures to help lower our water consumption that don't require drastic lifestyle changes."

Akhoian recommends homeowners consider the following to lower their water usage during Water Awareness Month:

  • Wash full loads – Washing machines and dishwashers are getting more technologically advanced every year, and newer models can detect how much water needs to be used. However, those with older machines are advised to wash full loads as frequently as possible, since an older dishwasher, for instance, uses the same amount of water no matter how many dishes are inside.
  • Water plants early in the day – Watering plants in the morning, before the temperature peaks, means less water is required than when watering in the afternoon, which causes a lot of water to be lost due to evaporation.
  • Recycle water – Instead of pouring water used for cooking foods like pasta, rice or vegetables down the drain, use that water for plants and gardens. Consider investing in, or crafting, rain barrels as well to collect more water for gardening purposes.
  • Turn a lawn into a water-wise garden – The California Department of Water Resources provides a rebate of up to $2,000 to homeowners who replace their lawn's turf with plants that don't require as much water as grass.

"There are a lot of small steps that, if taken together, can make a huge difference in our state's water consumption," Akhoian said. "With the rebates the government gives out, you can even make some money by being a good steward of our water, and we all benefit from each other's conservation efforts."

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About Rooter Hero

Since 2011, Rooter Hero has been committed to providing the best in plumbing and drain services. With more than 90 years of plumbing heritage, the Rooter Hero team prides themselves on creating a memorable experience for each customer. The company provides solutions for both residential and commercial needs and offers 24/7 emergency service. Now operating in 12 convenient locations throughout California and Arizona, Rooter Hero is offering extended Service Hero options such as HVAC service and installation in select areas. For more information, please visit or call 844-219-2215.

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