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Mar 01 2021

Ways to Get Hair Out of a Drain

While clogs can be caused by grease, food, soap residue and other debris, few materials are more difficult to deal with than hair. Unfortunately, hair is one of the most common causes of drain blockages in bathtubs and shower stalls. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide high quality commercial and residential services for customers in local California and Arizona area communities. If you are struggling with a slow draining tub or stall, then read below for some tips and tricks on removing hair from your drain. 

Clean the Drain with Natural Grease-Fighting Products 

First, get rid of any grime that may be binding the hair together by cleaning the drains with natural products. Some people resort to using chemical drain cleaners for this task, but it isn’t recommended. These harsh ingredients can damage pipes and fixtures. It can also cause issues for those with septic systems. For best results avoid these cleaners and simply use a combination of hot water, gentle hand washing soap, vinegar and baking soda. It is a good idea to perform this maintenance task at least once per month to avoid future clogs. 

Use a Plunger 

Next, see if you can remove the blockage using a plunger. This is the simplest and most affordable way to remove clogs that are near the surface. Make sure you are using the appropriate plunger for the task. It should have a flat bottom, rather than the bell-shaped variety used for toilets. Always have two different plungers on hand, because using your toilet plunger in the bathtub or sink can spread illness causing bacteria around your home. 

Remove the Hair by Hand

Unfortunately, if the clog still remains after cleaning and plunging, the next step requires some elbow grease. It is a dirty job to remove hair by hand, so invest in a pair of quality rubber gloves. You will also need a flat head screwdriver, a plug wrench, needle-nose pliers and a zip-it tool (optional). Remove the stopper and insert the plug wrench into the bathtub drain. With the wrench or pliers, turn it counterclockwise. This should release the drain from the threading. Finally, you can reach into the drainpipe with your pliers, screwdriver or a zip-it tool, and attempt to manually remove the hair. 

Is Your Drain Still Clogged? Call the Professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing Today 

Did you perform all of the above techniques, but your drains are still stubbornly clogged? Then the blockage may be further down inside your pipes. Chronic clogs can develop for a variety of reasons including root infiltration or pipe damage. If there is a more severe problem, then a professional inspection can pinpoint the exact source of your trouble. Our certified, licensed and insured plumbers offer professional drain cleaning, hydro jetting, clog removals, trenchless pipe repairs and more. Contact our office for more details about our wide selection of premium services or to schedule an appointment with a qualified local plumber in your Arizona or California neighborhood. 


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