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Aug 19 2022

Ways to Naturally Cool Down Your Home

If you are looking for ways to cool down and save on electricity bills at the same time, then you are at the right article. Your building’s heating and cooling accounts for around 50 percent of your energy usage, so these methods to naturally cool down your home will also take a burden off your shoulders. Continue reading to learn more. If you need a reliable HVAC company, you can call Rooter Hero. We offer air conditioning unit replacement, repair, and maintenance services. When winter rolls around, you can count on Rooter Hero to deliver heating unit repair, replacement, and maintenance services as well.

Close Your Blinds

That massive source of heat in the sky is constantly raining down rays upon us. To protect ourselves from the heat of the sun, we can close the blinds and block out as much sunlight as possible.

Keep Your Doors Closed

You’re paying hard earned money to enjoy that cooled air. Why let it go to waste by leaving the door open? Close those doors and windows! Simply closing the doors is not enough though. You should shut them, and we mean firmly enough to keep cool air particles inside. Proper insulation is crucial here – and for windows as well.

Turn on the Fan

Is it feeling a little hot in here? We know what you’re thinking: "I should lower the thermostat." No! You know the air conditioner uses A LOT of energy. There’s a more practical option that can give you a few more degrees of comfort, and that is a fan. Whether it’s a ceiling fan or portable fan, they make you feel cooler by wicking any hot air and swear off of your body. Only turn on the fan if you are going to be taking advantage of its breeze though! Fans cool people, not places!

Who’s Cooking?

Cooking requires a lot of heat, and the oven can turn your kitchen into an oven itself if you aren’t mindful. The oven, and even the stove, will heat up your kitchen in no time. Do your due diligence when replacing those appliances, consider energy-efficiency, size, and heat production. Also, an exhaust fan can do wonders for the kitchen!

Turn Off Unnecessary Appliances and Electronics

Has your computer been on all day, for no reason? Is anyone watching that TV that has been rambling for the last couple of hours? Your electronics and appliances produce a lot of noise as well as heat. This is neither good for the devices themselves nor the HVAC unit which works to combat the unnecessary heating. Turn off appliances and electronics if you are not using them.

You Have a Roof Over Your Head!

Many people get so lost in the four walls of their home that they forget about the roof! Your roof does a lot to keep the outdoor heat where it should be: outside. Help out your roof with routine maintenance and quality attic insulation

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

At the end of the day, you are going to rely on your HVAC unit to keep you cool. The technicians at Rooter Hero are ready to help your HVAC unit help you. Routine AC maintenance and timely repairs can make sure your air conditioner works effectively and efficiently. Call Rooter Hero today to speak with a live representative.

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