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Aug 26 2020

What Are the Basic Plumbing Tools?

While major plumbing problems should be taken care of by someone with professional training and experience, minor repairs and clog removals can often be successfully completed by handy property owners. Having the right tools is essential to home plumbing maintenance, but many aren’t sure where to start. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide premium commercial and residential plumbing services for clients in California and Arizona area communities. Are you starting your plumbing tool collection? Here is a list of the essential items to keep on hand. 

The plunger is one of the most important plumbing tools, and one of the most affordable. Don’t forget that two different kinds of plungers are needed. A flat cup plunger is used for clogged sinks and tubs, while a bell-shaped flange plunger is used for toilets. Mixing up the two plungers could put yourself at risk of cross-contamination. 

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers 
The versatile tool known as tongue-and-groove or Channellock pliers, are a favorite of local plumbers. The long handles, flexible positioning and angled jaws make it easy to use in tight situations. A 10-inch size is the best option for homeowners, but some circumstances can call for a larger or smaller size. 

Pipe Wrench
While pipe wrenches are used less often today, this classic tool is still a must have for property owners that have iron or galvanized steel pipes. It also comes in handy for various fittings like pressure regulators. 

Basin Wrench
A basin wrench self-tightens, has a long handle and a pivoting head. All of these characteristics can assist with plumbing projects that require work in hard to reach locations. It is a great tool for changing out plumbing fixtures such as a kitchen or bathroom faucet. 

Adjustable Wrench
Crescent or adjustable wrenches are a handy tool to have for plumbing and many other home maintenance tasks. They are durable, long lasting and can simplify tasks that involve shutoff valves, supply tubes, compression nuts and other components of your plumbing system. 

Tubing Cutter 
A quality tubing cutter is also very useful, particularly if your plumbing system uses PEX tubing, PVC or copper. Be careful when selecting your cutter, as they come in a variety of types and sizes. Check to make sure that the cutter you have selected for purchase will work with the correct material. 

Do You Need Help with Your Plumbing Maintenance or Repairs? Call Rooter Hero Plumbing 
Are you worried about the condition of your plumbing system? If you need a qualified expert who can take care of your plumbing hassles quickly, accurately and affordably, then call the team at Rooter Hero Plumbing today. Our certified, licensed and insured plumbers offer a wide range of commercial and residential plumbing services including new installations, 24 hour emergency plumbing repairs, annual inspections, leak detection services, professional drain cleaning, hydro jetting, trenchless pipe repairs and so much more. Contact our office for more details or to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber in your Arizona or California neighborhood. 


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