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Mar 18 2022

When Is the Best Time to Service an Air Conditioner?

With temperatures starting to pick up again, it is a great time to check on your air conditioner. If you are a new homeowner, then you might be wondering what maintenance entails. Lucky for you, the folks at Rooter Hero have put together this article on common maintenance items as well as when to service the air conditioner. Those who need an air conditioning unit repair can call Rooter Hero directly to schedule an appointment or have an HVAC contractor dispatched as soon as possible. Don’t forget to explore our website to find coupons and ask our representative for a free price estimate upfront.

Routine Maintenance and Tune-Ups

The general rule of thumb is to schedule routine maintenance once per year. Maintenance and tune-ups involve a long list of tasks, and they vary in complexity:

  • Evaluate the condition of safety controls
  • Examine and secure all electrical connections, voltage, and amperage
  • Free up space around the equipment and air ducts to ensure air flow
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean blower components, condenser, and evaporator coils
  • Maintain moving parts
  • Measure and top off refrigerant charge if needed
  • And more…

As you can guess, a lot of this work requires a solid understanding of the AC components. It also calls for special tools and equipment. If you prefer to leave this work to a qualified technician, then consider Rooter Hero. Our technicians are experienced, trained, and equipped to deliver quick and quality maintenance.

Changing Filters

While we recommend AC maintenance once per year, the air filters must be changed more frequently. The rule of thumb is to change dirty air filters every season, or once every three months. This is possibly the most crucial maintenance item. Clogged filters can overwork the air conditioning unit while simultaneously contaminating your air quality.

Changing dirty air filters is something you can do on your own. At most, you will need a screwdriver to get this job done. Rooter Hero is happy to help if you want to have a technician change the air filters.

When to Schedule AC Maintenance and Tune-Up

Most people know maintenance is due once per year, but what time of the year is best? We recommend maintenance during the spring once temperatures start to rise again. This will ensure your air conditioner is ready to work once the heat of the summer hits. Waiting until the summer starts can put you in uncomfortable situations if the AC ends up needing repair. Some homeowners even go for maintenance twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

Rooter Hero Can Help

Rooter Hero is proud to offer professional AC maintenance and tune-ups at affordable rates. We are a time-tested company with decades of experience, dedicated technicians, and advanced tools and equipment. We are so confident in our pricing that we are ready to give you a free price estimate upfront. Call Rooter Hero to consult with a representative and schedule an appointment today.

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