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Why Arizona Residents are Installing Graywater Systems
January 08 / 2016

Why Arizona Residents are Installing Graywater Systems

Gray water systems are becoming more and more prevalent in Arizona homes as a way to conserve water while maintaining beautiful landscaping. Instead of using drinking water, these homeowners are reusing waste water to water their yards and non-edible plants. Not to be confused with black water, gray water, when processed correctly, is safe to use and contains no raw sewage. So, what is gray water? Gray water is considered wastewater that originates from a laundry machine, shower, bathroom sink, or a bathtub. It is water that is collected separately from sewage flow. Sewage flow comes from toilets, dishwasher and kitchen sinks. Gray water may contain the following: • Soap • Lint • Cleaners • Fabric softener • Grease • Oil • Cooking fats • Elevated levels of borax, sulfate, chlorides, and sodium Because of the elevated levels of some of these chemicals, it’s important to know the alkalinity level of your graywater to make sure the water is not harmful to sensitive plants. Is a permit required to use gray water? Municipalities like the city of Phoenix do not require residents to obtain an official permit. However, residents are required to adhere to 13 basic guidelines. These guidelines include things such as the following: • Human contact with gray water should be avoided. • Gray water can be used for irrigation and landscape beautification, but residents are responsible for containing run off. • Gray water cannot be sprayed. It may only be used via flood or drip irrigation. • Pipes carrying gray water should be labeled. • If backup happens, gray water needs to be disposed of via regular waste removal.

Using a Gray Water Systems Seems Complicated. Can a Plumber Help Me Figure It All Out?

A full-service plumber like Rooter Hero Plumbing can help you figure out the best way to use a gray water system in your municipality. Conserving as much water as possible is important in desert climates where water is in high demand. When you call your local plumber, you’ll get industry-supported advice for how to best use gray water for your irrigation needs.

I’m Not Sure I Want to Use a Gray Water System. Are there Other Ways I Can Conserve Water in My Home?

Absolutely! Gray water systems are wonderful, but they’re not for everyone. You can reduce the amount of water you use in your home by installing energy-efficient, low-flow fixtures. Toilets, showerheads, and faucets are available that use a small amount of water without affecting performance. And, not only do these fixtures save you money in terms of water usage, they are also quite affordable to purchase and install. There are plenty of models available in numerous price ranges to meet nearly all consumer budgets. For more information about water conservation in Arizona, call your local Rooter Hero Plumbing professional today. We service the metro areas of Phoenix and Tucson. Connect with us today to see if we’re in your neighborhood. We offer same-day service, no-obligation written estimates, and 100% guaranteed workmanship on all of our services.