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Why Does My Clean Toilet Smell So Bad?
April 13 / 2020

Why Does My Clean Toilet Smell So Bad?

Do you clean your toilet several times a week, yet the smell refuses to go away? Have you scrubbed your toilet bowl until it glistens, but you’re still embarrassed to let guests near the bathroom? Then you may be concerned and confused about the cause of your strange plumbing problem. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide high quality, dependable plumbing services for home and business owners in communities throughout California and Arizona. If you’re tired of having a smelly toilet, here is a list of possible causes, and what you can do about it. Damaged Flange The toilet flange is a large ring made from wax that helps to seal off your toilet from the contents of the waste pipe below. Over time, this ring can begin to deteriorate or become damaged. In this case, the odors from inside the sewer line can seep up into the bathroom from the floor beneath your toilet. No amount of bleach in the toilet bowl can fix this issue. Instead, you’ll need to temporarily remove the toilet, and replace the flange with a new one. Vent Pipe In some cases, sewage smells can also accumulate in the home due to a clog in the vent pipe. It’s location on the roof makes may attract bird’s nests and other debris. Carefully inspect the vent pipe by climbing onto your roof. If you see any obvious blockages, cautiously remove them while wearing gloves and appropriate protective gear. In some instances, the clog could be further down the pipe, or the vent pipe may have been damage or installed improperly. If so, you’ll need to get help from a professional plumber. Toilet Seal Another common source of a smelly toilet is loose bolts or a damaged toilet seal. Check beneath your toilet, where it lies flush with the floor. The caulking should be in good shape and the bolts should be tight. If the caulk has been destroyed, or the toilet bolts aren’t screwed in correctly, then the odor might be coming from the floor underneath the toilet. Accumulated urine and other debris may have found its way into the crevices, making it impossible to clean. If the smell is pronounced, then bacteria has probably formed. You will need to remove the toilet completely to clean the affected area. Afterward, be sure to secure the bolts to the floor to keep the toilet from rocking back and forth. You will also need to put new caulk on the toilet base to prevent a reoccurring problem. Do You Need a Toilet Repair or Replacement? Call Rooter Hero Plumbing Today Is it time for you to invest in a vent pipe repair, toilet replacement or plumbing inspection? Then call the experienced professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing and get the help you need right away. We understand the importance of having a bathroom that is safe, clean and odor free. Contact our office to learn more about our residential and commercial plumbing services or to schedule an appointment with a certified, licensed and insured plumber near your Arizona or California community.