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Worried Over Sky-high Water Bills? Leaky Pipes Account for 13% of Your Water Bill
July 09 / 2019

Worried Over Sky-high Water Bills? Leaky Pipes Account for 13% of Your Water Bill

Got an unusually high water bill? It can be caused by a leak or change in water usage. According to the recent research reports, leaky pipes could account for 13% of your water bill, and that is a good portion of water that is simply wasted, and perhaps without your knowledge.

Reasons for Leaky Pipes

Here we’ve listed a few reasons for leaky pipes.

  • A running toilet
  • Dripping faucets
  • Excess watering of the lawn
  • Water-cooled air-conditioners
  • Broken pipe
  • Running the water to avoid freezing water pipes

Simple Facts on Water Consumption

  • A typical family of four uses 40?50 gallons of water per person per day, 160–200 gallons a day, and 4800–6000 gallons per month.
  • The largest water users are the toilets, clothes washer and showers, which account for about two?thirds of the water used in an average household.
  • Toilets use up to 27% of the household water supply, while clothes washers use approximately 20%, and showers use approximately 17%.
  • Faucets account for about 15%, and leaks account for 13% of a family’s water use.
  • Dishwashers, baths, and other uses account for the remaining water use.

Generally, water consumption is higher during the summer due to the watering of lawns, pools, and gardening.

Simple Facts on Water Consumption

Fix Leaky Pipes

If leaky pipes are left unattended, it could waste more than hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water and results in high water bills. So, it’s crucial to schedule regular plumbing inspection and maintenance to check your plumbing system for leaky pipes and faucets, toilets, irrigation lines, and more.

Running Toilets

Did you know running toilets can waste up to 20 gallons of water? If you have a running toilet, call your plumber to fix the issue right away to save water and reduce your water bills. Leaky pipes contribute to 13% of your water bill. So, the next time you have leaky pipes, call us immediately to solve the issues with less effort.

Simple Facts on Water Consumption

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