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3 Ways Your Plumbing Could Be Affected after an Earthquake

August 21 / 2015

We all know earthquakes are destructive, but sometimes the damage may not initially be visible. Earthquakes can wreak havoc on your plumbing and some things may at first go unnoticed until the damage worsens, and you have a major problem on your hands.  Here, at Rooter Hero Plumbing, we know awareness is the key to avoiding expensive plumbing repairs caused by earthquakes. Following an earthquake, you need to check for three specific things:  sewer line damage, water line leaks, and interior problems with your plumbing. Here are three tips to help you protect your assets and prevent further damage if your plumbing didn’t fare too well during the earthquake.

Pay Close Attention to Sewer Lines

The shifting earth can damage joints or connections buried underground. Sewer lines can easily crack following an earthquake. Examine your yard for wet spots or seepage along the sewer line. These could be a sign of sewer line breakage. Be alert to foul odors. These are signs of septic leaks. If you suspect any sewer line damage, call a professional plumber to assess the situation. With the availability of today's non-invasive technology, sewer line problems can most likely be found and repaired without digging up your yard.

Examine Water Lines

Exterior water leaks require immediate attention. Puddles or sudden grass or plant growth near your home's water lines are sure signs of an underground water leak. Rooter Hero Plumbing recommends calling an emergency plumber for diagnostic services to find the root of the problem and address it promptly.

Keep an Eye Out for Indoor Plumbing Leaks

Interior leaks can damage floors, walls, and leave behind mold and mildew. Be observant of the following signs of interior leaks:
  • Damp spots along walls
  • Water coming up through the floor
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Dripping sounds behind walls
The best way to catch elusive earthquake damage is to be vigilant for a few days after the event. If you notice any of these potential issues, make the call to your trusted, neighborhood plumber. Keep an eye on these things for a few days, and if you notice any of these potential issues, make the call to Rooter Hero Plumbing. We will come out and assess the situation. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we know how valuable it is to have a licensed plumber visit your home to assess the situation and make suggestions for repairs or replacements. Our plumbers can also help you install plumbing components such as toilets, piping, and more that are designed to withstand those shaky moments that leave you unsteady on your feet and your home susceptible to damage.