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Alternatives To Toilet Paper
March 15 / 2020

Alternatives To Toilet Paper

With everything that is going on, toilet paper has been flying off the shelves as quickly as it can be restocked. At this point, there may not be any toilet paper left to stock. This is leaving many households unable to purchase their usual amount, let alone stock up. With toilet paper in such high demand, many households are now being faced with quite a dilemma. What to do if they cannot find any toilet paper. Cleanliness is really important, so here are some alternatives to toilet paper.

Other Paper Alternative

There are plenty of other alternatives to toilet paper you can use. While not all of them may be as plush as what you are used to, they can get the job done. Here are some things you may want to consider: paper towels, paper napkins, tissues, wipes, and newspaper. While the latter sounds a bit weird, other paper products may also be hard to find. Once the toilet paper started flying off the shelves, other paper products soon followed. However, if you have some of these things on hand you may be able to use them.  

Get A Bidet

You might actually be surprised, but toilet paper is largely an American thing. Many other countries actually use bidets for their hygiene. There are several different types of bidets; some come in the form of separate plumbing fixtures, some are attached to the toilet seat, and some come in the form of separate attachments. Over the last several years, as people have started to go more green in their homes, there have been new bidet attachments that you can install yourself. These attachments are affordable and attach to most toilet seats. Some can even hook up to the hot water line under your sink to provide warm cleansing water. With all of the toilet paper craze going on, many stores and even Amazon still have bidets available for purchase. They are relatively easy to install, and are great because during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, you don’t have to go without. Hey, and after this is all over, you may find you like it and actually save money buying toilet paper.

Watch What You Flush

With all that said, if you decide to forgo the bidet and use some of the other materials mentioned, just be sure you don’t flush ANY of them. Toilet paper disintegrates in water, which is why it is considered safe to flush. However, the other items mentioned above can actually lead to some drain problems, like an overflowing toilet and clogged drain. When items don’t make it through your pipes, they can sit and collect other debris. This leads to clogged drains and extra pressure being put on your pipes.  Clogged drains and backup issues are the last thing you want to deal with. Nobody wants to be in quarantine with a toilet that won’t flush. So do yourself a favor and be extra cautious about what you flush down the toilet at this time. And if you find yourself already suffering from a clogged drain, call Rooter Hero today!