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The Difference Between Snaking And Hydro Jetting
March 12 / 2020

The Difference Between Snaking And Hydro Jetting

When it comes to professional drain cleaning, there are two tried and true methods that work really well at clearing clogs; snaking and hydro jetting. But what is the difference between the two? And what method is right for your drains? The method used to clean your drains will depend on the severity of the clog. Read on to learn more.  

The Plumbers Snake

The plumbers snake is also known as an auger. It is a long cable with a hook or coil at the end of it. It is fed down the drain until it reaches the obstruction, once it reaches the clog it is cranked until it breaks through the clog. A plumbers snake is a good option to clear minor clogs. Some benefits of using a plumbers snake are:  

  • It's effective if a plunger has been tried to no avail.
  • It is easy on your pipes. 
  • Can help identify more serious plumbing problems
  • Is readily available at any hardware store. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is another tool plumbers use to clear clogs. When all else fails, hydro jetting is very effective. Hydro jetting employs the use of highly pressurized water that removes everything in its path. This method can restore your plumbing pipes to their original glory, leaving the walls of your pipes squeaky clean. Some key things about hydro jetting:  

  • It is versatile, this method is suitable for various types of pipes.
  • It is quick and effective. 
  • The highly pressurized water can break through nearly everything, including tree roots and stubborn grease clogs.

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What Is The Best Method For Your Drains

The best method for your drains will depend on the severity of your clog. Hydro jetting is best for more stubborn clogs or recurring clogs. If too much toilet paper got flushed, a plumbers snake should get the job done. However, if you have a tree root problem, you may want to consider hydro jetting in conjunction with a video pipe inspection. When dealing with clogs, it is important to make repairs right away. A clogged drain can not only cause slow drainage and backup problems, but it can also lead to damaged pipes, as pressure from the clog can cause a pipe to rupture.   

Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaner is not as effective as you would think. In fact it can actually do more damage to your pipes, by eating through the clog, then eating through your pipes. Liquid drain cleaner can also exacerbate corrosion by causing a chemical reaction within your pipes. This is especially true if your pipes are made out of galvanized steel or cast iron. In addition, liquid drain cleaner often only provides temporary relief, treating the symptom instead of getting to the root of the problem.  Do you have a stubborn clog that needs attention? Rooter Hero can help! Schedule your drain cleaning service today.      Related Articles What Causes Pipes To Corrode? How Do You Treat Corroded Pipes? Key Benefits To Professional Drain Cleaning