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Avoid Catastrophe: Reasons to Install Backflow Preventers on Commercial Plumbing Systems
November 07 / 2015

Avoid Catastrophe: Reasons to Install Backflow Preventers on Commercial Plumbing Systems

Don’t let plumbing issues force you to close early or shut down for several days. Are you prepared if the water pressure suddenly drops in your building? Backflow preventers can stop flooding and other problems if this happens.

Reasons Backflow Prevention Is Essential

All businesses from manufacturing and industrial to corporate campuses and high-rise buildings require fresh water. When backflow prevention isn’t a priority, it’s possible that toxic chemicals could leak into the clean water supply. Nearly all buildings that use chemicals for production have backflow preventers installed so chemicals do not accidentally mix. However, there are plenty of other buildings that are without preventers, which puts potable water supplies at risk of contamination. Did you know that plumbing codes require the majority of buildings to have a dedicated water supply that branches off from the main water supply? This is the location where backflow preventers are installed and where all the work is done to keep toxic chemicals and raw sewage from infiltrating your potable water supply. Backflow prevention isn’t just for commercial buildings either. Multi-family, housing complexes are required by code to have this protection in place, too. No matter what kind of building you own or operate, protecting your employees, tenants, and customers from contaminated water should always be one of your main concerns.

Annual Inspections and Professional Service

If you already have backflow prevention in place, it’s important that you have the preventers inspected annually to ensure they are working as intended. In fact, most municipalities require commercial buildings to submit proof of inspection. Your local plumber can help you meet this requirement. Why not use a backflow prevention service? That’s a great question. The #1 reason for using a plumber instead of a dedicated testing service is that a plumber has the ability to make repairs immediately if a problem is detected. Backflow testing services will refer you to a plumbing specialist, which can create delays. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, for example, our plumbers have the tools in their vans to make repairs right away and the ability to submit paperwork to the correct municipal agency proving compliance. Protect your property and those that work and live inside its walls. Speak with your local plumber today to learn more about backflow preventers.