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How to Protect Your Family from Toxic Water
November 06 / 2015

How to Protect Your Family from Toxic Water

Before you fill up that tall glass with water from the tap make sure you know exactly what is in your water. Drinking tap water shouldn’t be dangerous, but sometimes it can be quite hazardous to your health if you have pipes in your home installed and manufactured before the 1970s. Prior to the 1970s, many building materials were contained lead and asbestos. These materials are harmful to humans, especially if they are ingested. Although today’s construction materials contain no amount of asbestos, lead is still present in building materials.

Is there Lead in My Water Supply?

In 1986, amendments were made to the Safe Drinking Water Act (1976) that made it against the law to use solder, pipe, or soldering flux that contains lead when repairing or installing water lines meant to be used for drinking water. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any problem with municipal water supplies. However, if municipalities did not follow these guidelines it is possible that there could be traces of lead in the water coming out of your tap.

What Can I Do to Protect My Family?

Lead is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it undetectable with lab testing. Municipal water supplies are required to test their water supply for lead and other contaminants on a regular basis. These findings are made available to the public by request. Homeowners can also ask their municipal water supplier to test the water. Other ways to safeguard your family from toxic drinking water is to only drink water from the cold faucet. Cold water is least likely to contain lead. If you’re concerned about lead in your water and you must use hot water for cooking or other purposes, still use cold tap water and boil it or heat it to the temperature you need. Flushing cold water will also protect your from lead. You can flush your water by turning on the tap and running the water until it turns as cold as it’s going to get.

Why Should I Be Concerned about Lead?

When humans consume things that contain traces of lead, they can slowly be poisoned. While adults are less affected by lead consumption, small children whose brains are still developing have been known to develop learning disabilities and behavioral issues. If you’re concerned about pipes that may contain lead in your home, call a Rooter Hero Plumbing plumber to have your pipes investigated. Replacing old pipes and installing new pipes constructed from safe plumbing materials can give you peace of mind and improve the efficiency of your system.