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Can Low Flow Toilets Cause Sewer Problems?

October 23 / 2019

In recent years, low-flow toilets have become popular Low-flow toilets use less water and are considered to be an attractive option to go green. According to US Federal law, the maximum gallons per flush allowed is 1.6 gallons. When you use the low-flush toilet, it uses 1.3-gallons of water per flush or less. But, one of the main drawbacks reported to be caused by a low-flow toilet is clogged drains and sewer line. If you think that your low flow toilet is creating a sewer problem, hire a professional sewer repair in Sacramento to fix the issue right away.   Here we’ve listed a few tips to prevent clogs in low-flow toilets. [caption id="attachment_2687" align="aligncenter" width="227"] Image Credit:[/caption]

Don’t Flush Ultra-style Toilet Papers

Extra fluffy ultra-style toilet papers are designed to absorb more water than regular ones. So, if you are flushing it in a low-toilet, it will be more likely to cause a clog due to the limited water the low flush toilet is producing. Any super absorbent tissue when combined with the limited water, it absorbs and sits in the pipe and do not move down the drain. So, don’t flush ultra-style toilet papers are any other objects in your toilet and this avoids unnecessary clogs.

A Large Flush

Sometimes, with inadequate water flow, the sewer system has been blocked. So, force a large flush t force more water into the drain. Manually flushing the toilet with a large bucket of water will clear the debris and blocks that are resting in your drain and sewer lines. If you’ve recurring blocks, call the experts who offer advanced plumbing in Sacramento.

Run More Water to Avoid Clogs

In an attempt to conserve water and lower electric bills, many homeowners have installed water and energy saving devices that save them more money, water, and energy. If this is the case, your sewer line hasn’t been adjusted to deal with the appropriate float level. So, run more water into the drain once in a while to allow more water into the system to get the “float level” back up to push debris through the drain lines. Run More Water to Avoid Clogs

Don’t Flush Extras

Any extra-absorbent that goes through your low-flow toilet may cause clogs ad blocks that damage your drain and sewer line. The most common items that are problematic to any toilets include wipes, tampons, and paper towels, as they can create a blockage or collect debris and build into a clog. So, always place a trash can with a lid in your bathroom and ask your guests to put these items in the trash bin instead of flushing it down. Are you experiencing frequent clogs in your toilet? Our professionals can help you. We specialize in sewer line inspections, basic plumbing repairs, drain cleaning in Sacramento, and more. Call our experts now!