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Oct 22 2019

Identifying Garbage Disposal Leaks

When your garbage disposal leaks it can be a real nuisance. The garbage disposal is one of those things that often gets taken for granted, most people don’t realize the huge service their garbage disposal does for them, until there is a breakdown. In which case, a broken or leaking garbage disposal can put a halt to all kitchen activities until repairs are made. The extent of repairs varies depending on the severity of the leak. Here are some tips for identifying garbage disposal leaks and tips for repairs.  

Possible Sources for The Leak

There are several areas of your garbage disposal that can be leaking. Leaks can occur for various reasons. Sometimes the parts get old and worn out, and sometimes a leak occurs because of improper usage. Where the leak is, can determine the severity of repairs. Some areas that are prone to leaking include:

Dishwasher Connection 

Your dishwasher drains into your garbage disposal by way of a connection hose. This hose can get worn out over time, causing areas of weakness that can spring leaks. In this instance, repairs are pretty straight forward, replace the hose.   

Sink Connection 

Your garbage disposal could be leaking where your sink connects at the top. This is most often the result of a worn out seal or loose flange. If the seal is worn out, the garbage disposal needs to be remounted with fresh plumbers putty. If the flange is loose, the mounting bolts and flange may need to be tightened.  

Side Leak

When your garbage disposal leaks from the side, it could be from a worn gasket. Over time, wear and tear will take its toll on the working parts of your garbage disposal. Fortunately, a gasket is something that can be replaced relatively easily.  While this repair is also pretty straight forward, it is best that a professional plumber makes the repairs, as it can get a little confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with the makeup of a garbage disposal.  

Bottom Leak 

When a garbage disposal leaks from the bottom, it is a tell tale sign sign that the garbage disposal is nearing the end. This is usually the result of a faulty interior seal, in which case the garbage disposal needs to be replaced.  garbage disposal leaks

Identifying The Source Of The Leak

Unexplained puddles of water under the sink are a sign there could be a garbage disposal leak. In addition, if your garbage disposal isn’t draining the way it is supposed to, you could have a problem. One simple way to identify the source of a garbage disposal leak is to plug the sink, then fill it up with water. Add a little food coloring to the water and release the plug. Then watch for the colored water to leak from the garbage disposal. Be sure to wipe the garbage disposal dry before beginning.   

Best Practice For Using Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals typically last 8-15 years, the better care you take with your garbage disposal the longer it will last.The best way to prevent leaks and to help your garbage disposal last longer is to make sure you are operating your garbage disposal correctly. Be sure to always operate with running water and never overload it. Also watch what goes down the drain. Never put trash, glass, plastic, large food particles, bones, foods that expand like batter and pasta, fibrous foods, and grease down the garbage disposal.    If you garbage disposal is acting up, it is best to let a professional take a look. To learn more or to schedule repairs contact Rooter Hero today!      Related Articles Garbage Disposal Tips – Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Happy Tips To Help You Prepare For Drain Cleaning When Your Drains Won’t Drain Properly

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