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Oct 22 2019

Trenchless Method to Replace Sewer Lines in a Concrete Basement

Sewer line leak in your concrete basement is one of the unfortunate places to leak. This type of leaks can cause exponentially increasing water bill and long-term property damage if left unattended. Hire professional sewer repair in Los Angeles to help resolve the issues without causing further damages to your property.

Symptoms of Sewer Line Issues

From recurring backups to soft spots, there are different symptoms of sewer line issues in your property. Here we’ve discussed a few signs that indicate the presence of sewer line problem in your home.

Recurring Backups

A breakage or leak in your sewer line causes clogs in drains. The clogged drain pushes the wastewater back into the individual drains in your home and results in drain backups. Whenever you find drain backup, take extra care to investigate it as soon as possible.

Changes in Basement

Even a simple change in the texture of your basement or slabs foundation can indicate sewer line repair. Other signs of sewer problem include water spots or soft spots on the basement floor.

Property Damages

The breakage or leaks in your sewer line could also lead to irreversible property damages. This includes foundation damage, landscape damage from pooling water, or cracks in the walls of your home. Water seeping through the concrete, widening cracks or separation settling and foul odors, standing sewage, and mold growth are also other indicators of problems in your sewer line.

How to Identify Sewer Line Issue?

You will need a sewer repair or replacement if you come across any of the symptoms listed above. Sewer replacement must be done to prevent any damages to your home due to your failing plumbing system.

Sewer Camera Inspection

The problem in your sewer line is confirmed by a professional who offers expert plumbing services using sewer camera inspection. This technique involves sending a snake-like hose into the pipe with a camera attached to one end. The camera captures the images and videos of the interior of the sewer line, and the images are sent to the system. After analyzing the images, the professional will conclude the type of breakage, leak, or obstacle present in your sewer line. This is a cost-effective method, and the problems associated with your sewer line are examined in real-time on a monitor.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer replacement has become popular among the homeowners these days as it does not affect the aesthetic value of their home. There are two types of techniques involved "pipe lining" and "pipe bursting."

Pipe Lining

Also known as ‘cured in place pipe,’ a flexible tube coated with resin is blown or pulled into the damaged pipe and inflated. This will reduce your lateral's diameter by about a quarter-inch, which experts say won't affect your capacity to remove waste from your home.

Pipe Bursting

This method involves pulling a new pipe through a damaged one, simultaneously fracturing it outward. According to the experts, pipe bursting and lining are equally durable, and the warranties last up to 50 years. Looking for a trenchless option to replace your sewer line? Talk to us now to learn how a trenchless sewer replacement works. We also specialize in sewer repair and drain cleaning.

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