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Feb 10 2022

Factors That Affect Air Conditioning Efficiency

Space heating and cooling use up a lot of energy, with some estimates showing the HVAC is responsible for half of a household’s energy consumption. The HVAC system also plays a central role in keeping your building habitable. This essential part of your home is sensitive though. It is susceptible to many elements and factors. In this article, we will review a few factors that affect air conditioning efficiency. If your air conditioning is in worse shape than some lost efficiency, then feel free to call Rooter Hero to schedule a tune-up or HVAC repair.

The Manufacturer’s Limit

Ideally, the manufacturer will create a product that is completely efficient, forever. This is obviously not realistic, as there are laws of physics acting against this ideal. When working with science, numbers are key. The SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the value that measures the efficiency of an air conditioner converting energy into cooling. Modern units have a minimum SEER value of 13. Anything over that is even better! An older air conditioner might be costing you more energy from the get-go.

If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, then it might be worth looking into upgrading your unit. A more efficient air conditioner can save you double digits in energy conservation alone! Rooter Hero is happy to help with your air conditioner replacement or installation.

The Adjustable Limits

You might have the most efficient air conditioner on the market, but what good is it if it is not turned on? Obviously, you are going to turn the unit on, but you might overlook some other switches that can affect the optimal efficiency. For example, let’s talk about the thermostat.

Many people think cranking up the thermostat to 85 degrees will heat the area faster. This can just be a waste of energy. Setting the thermostat too low, meanwhile, can overwork your air conditioner and negatively affect the efficiency.

You want to maintain a fair difference between the outside temperature and the thermostat. The rule of thumb is to keep the thermostat around 73 and 76 degrees. For energy efficiency, we do not recommend shutting the unit off or dropping the thermostat below 40 degrees, even when you leave the house.

Pests and Obstacles

That cooled or heated air is going to travel through your building via air ducts. If the ducts are dirty, clogged, and damaged, then the HVAC will have a hard time distributing clean air efficiently.

Schedule periodic air conditioning maintenance and have a HVAC specialist evaluate the condition of your unit once a year. Patching up small issues early on can save you from a premature HVAC replacement or costly repairs.

Emergency Assistance Available

If your air conditioner is not doing its sole job or if it is not working like it used to, then feel free to call Rooter Hero to request an emergency dispatch. Our live representatives and dedicated technicians are on standby to take your call. Remember to ask for your free price estimate upfront.

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