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Green Plumbing Practices Your Plumber Should Be Implementing
December 14 / 2015

Green Plumbing Practices Your Plumber Should Be Implementing

Preserving the integrity of the planet’s environment is a serious concern that affects every person, animal, and plant around the globe. There are many  different “green” practices you can adopt in your routine and around your home to reduce the impact you have on local ecosystems. Selecting plumbers based on the sustainable and eco-friendly practices they implement is just one way to make a difference.

What Can Plumbers Do to be Green?

You might be surprised at how many ways plumbers can make their practices greener. An eco-friendly plumber can also help transform your home and lifestyle to mitigate its harmful impact on the environment. 1. Recycle or Reuse Materials The earth’s mineral and metal resources won’t last forever, and processing them into useful material is an energy-intensive process. Green plumbers should throw away as little as possible. Recycling old pipes and discarded appliances keep them out of landfills and allows the material to be used again. 2. Offer Low-Flow Fixtures and Other Green Solutions Most professional plumbers offer some environmentally-friendly options when it comes to sinks, showers, and appliances. Installing aerators and low-flow heads in the home can greatly reduce water consumption with minimal impact on performance. They should also offer tankless water heater installation as this technology provides hot water on demand and reduces energy waste. 3. Energy Saving Consultancy Green plumbing technicians can help you evaluate your home’s energy water and energy needs to find the solutions that provide efficient service without significant waste. A few small adjustments to your system can make a huge difference, and it might save you money on your monthly bills too! 4. Green Building and Vehicles This one may seem obvious, but any green plumber should make sure that their company building and vehicles are all as energy-efficient as possible. A LEED certified structure shows that the company is willing to take extra measures to reduce harmful impact on the planet. Economic company trucks consume less fuel, reducing toxic emissions that damage the atmosphere and the environment. 5. Eco-Friendly Marketing Practices Minimizing paper use is a big part of modern green practices for any business. Using business cards or postcard-size advertising is often enough to get the attention of customers. They should also use paper made from recycled or recyclable material, and remind recipients not to throw in the trash can. You can also ask your plumber about paperless invoicing and billing when possible.