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Aug 26 2020

How to Find a Water Shut-off Valve Outside

Are you dealing with a burst pipe, leaking toilet or other plumbing problem? Is it time to repair or replace a plumbing pipe or fixture? Then you are probably looking for your water shut-off valve. At Rooter Hero Plumbing, we provide high quality commercial and residential plumbing services for clients in California and Arizona area communities. Our certified plumbers strive to help property owners take care of their urgent plumbing issues quickly, and we want to help you do the same. Knowing where your shut-off valve is located is the best way to help avoid extensive property damage in an emergency. While some buildings have the water meter inside the property, most modern homes have their shut-off valve outside. Here are some tips on how to find your main valve, and what to do to stop indoor flooding. 

Why Do Property Owners Need to Locate Their Shut-Off Valve? 

Severe leaks or ruptured pipes can produce up to 50 gallons of water per minute. In an emergency, rapid location of your shut-off valve is an absolute necessity. Knowing exactly where to go, and how to shut off the main water supply, can save homeowners thousands of dollars in restoration costs. It’s also important to know where your valve is located for pre-planned plumbing repairs, replacements and installations. Turning off your water supply when switching out major fixtures or fixing pipes can help you avoid water damage when performing these common plumbing tasks. 

Finding Your Outdoor Shut-Off Valve 

If you have already searched your basement or utility area for the main water shut off valve, and could not find it, then there is a good chance it is located outside at the water meter. In most cases, the valve will be located on the perimeter of the house, in an area that is facing the street. This makes it most accessible for city employees. If you still cannot find it, look at your property inspection report, or contact your local water department. A professional plumber will also be able to easily identify the shut-off valve, so ask for help during your next scheduled inspection or plumbing maintenance service. 

How to Turn Off the Water Supply 

Once you have found your main water shut-off valve, you will need to know how to stop the flow of water. Some valves are located inside of a utility box. If this is the case for you, be sure that you aren’t accidentally shutting off the street side valve. This valve is for use by the water company only, as there may be legal issues involved. The house side valve will be located on the house side of the water meter. If you are not sure which valve belongs to the street side, get help from a plumber. If you have properly identified the house valve, then it will most likely be either a knife style valve or a round handle valve. The knife style will have a straight handle that will open when it is turned parallel to the pipe. Turn this style off with a quarter turn. A round handle valve will need to be turned clockwise to shut it off. 

Are You Struggling with a Plumbing Emergency? Call Rooter Hero Plumbing Today 

Have you attempted find your shut off valve, but aren’t sure where it is? Are you struggling with a plumbing issue that puts your property at risk of water damage? Get the help you need right away by calling the experts at Rooter Hero Plumbing. Our team of certified, licensed and insured plumbers are ready to come to the rescue with our 24 hour emergency plumbing repair services. Speak with our staff today and find out how our experienced California and Arizona plumbing professionals can improve the safety and longevity of your plumbing system. 

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