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Aug 15 2019

How To Pet Proof Your Plumbing

Out pets bring us a lot of joy, and for many households, Fido and Fluffy are considered family members. However, it is important to note that all members of the household contribute to added pressure on your plumbing system, our furry friends included. In fact, many pet owners don't give much thought to the impact their pets have on their plumbing. Which is why it is important to pet proof your plumbing to protect your plumbing and your pet. 

Keep Unwanted Hair From Clogging Your Drains

Dogs and Cats can shed a lot, and unfortunately this hair can get clogged in your drains. Hair is one of the number one reasons for clogged drains. But fortunately you can do something about it. If you have a pet that sheds a lot and don’t want that hair to find its way to your drains, you can invest is some drain shields. Drain shields sit at the opening of your drain, and collect unwanted debris, like hair. This keeps the hair out of your drains, which allow them to continue to function properly. Drain shields are relatively inexpensive, can be bought just about anywhere, and are easy to install.   

Avoid Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are toxic, and so when you pet proof your plumbing you will want to eliminate their usage. The residue left behind form liquid drain cleaners could accidentally be ingested by your pet, and do some serious damage. In addition to being dangerous to your pets, liquid drain cleaners are bad for the environment, can do damage to your plumbing, and aren’t all that effective. Your best bet is to have your drains cleaned regularly by a professional. This helps remove any buildup and keeps things flowing the way they should be. 

Protect Exposed Pipe

Exposed pipe can look like an enticing chew toy for your dog, and while they might have the best intentions, they unknowingly cause significant damage to your plumbing. A punctured pipe can cause a lot of damage, so be proactive and cover exposed pipes.  

Pressure Balancing Valves

Pressure balancing valves help balance hot and cold water in your shower or sink. If you notice a drastic change in water temperature when another fixture is used, you could have a faulty pressure balancing valve. For example, if someone flushes the toilet while you are in the shower, and you are shocked with a sudden change in water temperature, it could be the pressure balancing valve. For pets this can be a dangerous situation, as they can be more susceptible to burns from hot water. If you notice issues with your pressure balancing valve, have your plumber replace it. In addition, always check the water temperature before you bathe your pet.  [embed][/embed]

Protect Underground Pipes

Dogs like digging, we get it, however this behavior can be particularly destructive if they dig up your lateral line. If your dog keeps digging up your yard, you will want to be mindful of where your dog is digging. Either train your dog not to dig, or avoid leaving your dog unsupervised in your yard. A broken sewer line can be a huge mess, not to mention an expensive repair. Pet proofing your plumbing can help protect your pets from plumbing hazards and also help you avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs. For more tips on how to pet proof your plumbing contact Rooter Hero today!   

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